Snowfall in March …

My hope for a continuous beautiful mild weather for the remaining weeks of the winter season has been totally dashed, as you will see from the photos below. Instead of bright sunshine, the first week of March saw plenty of rain and grey clouds. We even had a heavy bout of snowfall in the early hours of this morning.

I was expecting rain and maybe, sleet … certainly not heavy snowfall. As the hubby has reminded me on many an occasion, we are still in winter and the weather may yet change, with March being well known here for its patterns of unpredictable weather. So okay, he was right … and so my little bubble of happiness, thinking that I would be able to have an early start to my balcony potager given the mild winter weather in February, has been burst.

Thankfully, the temperature has not plummeted and so the snow that fell this morning were quickly swept away by the afternoon rain. So hopefully maybe, just maybe … my seedlings of Chinese mustard green and radish which I carelessly left uncovered at night will have survived their little snowy encounter!

The lovely snowy scene of early this morning. My poor garlic plants looked quite miserable under this inch-deep layer of fresh snow. And my tiny Chinese mustard green seedlings were totally hidden by the snow. Fortunately, I have spare seedlings growing in the protection of the mini greenhouse shelves!

As the landscape below us is now filled with newly built residential flats and those that are in the midst of being erected (which is nothing to rave about during heavy snowfall) … I thought it would be nicer instead to share a few shots of the view further down the hill which we are able to see from our balcony.

Enjoy … ūüôā

Hopefully, this will be the last snowfall of the season. If not … well, there is not much that I can do about the weather. I shall just have to learn to be patient and make the best of it. If I cannot attend to my plants, then … I shall just continue to do some winter foraging for edibles lah! ūüėÄ ūüėÄ


A walk in the woods in winter …

Unless the weather decides to¬†spring a last minute wintry surprise, I am anticipating an early start to a fabulous spring. After the freezing¬†weather in January with¬†frequent snowfalls and sub-zero temperatures, the¬†weather in February has been relatively pleasant, often filled with bright sunshine. I hope it will continue this way until spring … but …¬†even if it does not, I am still¬†pleased that spring is just around the corner.

And as a little momento of the soon-to-be-over winter season, below are some photos of the day when the hubby and I decided to take the long route to do our grocery shopping by passing through the woods so as to be able to go walking on freshly fallen snow.

However, unlike the colourful photos that I had shared in my previous post of autumn colours, these photos are the total opposite. Apart from the spot of colour provided by the skiing jacket that the hubby was wearing during the walk, the photos are almost devoid of colour. Almost like black and white photographs … I love them! ūüėÄ

sam_0477aAfter the initially flurry of snowfall¬†just a few days after we went walking in the¬†woods to enjoy the beautiful autumn¬†colours in early¬†November,¬†it did¬†not make its grand appearance again until the first week of January. And when it came … what a nice change it made to the landscape.


Covered in snow, the woods was magically transformed into a charming winter wonderland. And we were very fortunate that the snow which had been falling since the previous day finally stopped just as we reached the woods, so that I was able to take clear snapshots of our little walk.

sam_0494bA small bridge which we had to cross in order to continue our walk to the other side of the Flon river.

sam_0524bThe tree-tops in winter. What a contrast to those seen in autumn!

sam_0548bThe walking path along the river was totally obscured by the thick snow.

sam_0555bApproaching the first of several small waterfalls in the woods. We first discovered these waterfalls about three years ago.

sam_0559bFirst waterfall … incidentally, the nicest and the easiest to get to.

sam_0578bSecond waterfall, as seen from the top of a slope. It is not as nice as the first waterfall but this is definitely one of my favourite shots of that late Saturday morning walk. It looks almost otherworldly, does it not?

sam_0592bAnd the third that we managed to see that morning … although in this case, I am using the word waterfall in a loose sense.

sam_0616bOur last photo stop before heading to our local supermarkets … a small and totally frozen pond located at the periphery of the woods.


These small red berries covered in snow provided such a beautiful contrast to the grey and white backdrop.

Even though I shall miss such a beautiful snowy landscape, the arrival of warmer weather means that I can now indulge in my other passion … gardening and foraging! So I have no complain if we do not get anymore flurries for the last remaining weeks of winter! he,he,he … ūüėÄ


Annual hibernation …

Every winter, without fail, I will be forced to hibernate … under the blanket … at least for a few days, if not more. No matter how many times I tell myself that this winter will be different … that I shall try to keep myself in the pink of health … I usually succumb to the annual bout of flu in winter.

So for the past two weeks, I have hardly stepped out of our flat … not even to the balcony to check on my plants in the greenhouse shelves. I went out very briefly on Sunday to pay a visit to the newly opened and renovated Olympic Museum, at the urge of the hubby (as I gave the impression that I had recovered … and the day was nice and sunny … and as entry to the museum was¬†free¬†until yesterday) … and I ended up having a relapse and so I had to stay indoor for the whole of this week! Shesssh …

Thankfully, I did not feel as sick as I had last winter (which took weeks for me to recover fully)¬†… possibly because, this year, winter¬†has been a little mild so far. There had not been any snowfall for many weeks … not until this morning … and even though it was cold outside, the temperature did not drop below freezing point. In fact, there were days when the temperature had even gone up to 16¬įC! I am sure¬†these wide fluctuations in the temperature are precisely what is causing many people to fall sick … including myself.

Although I am still coughing and I have a little runny nose … thankfully, I no longer feel as weak as I did only a few days ago. ¬†And since this morning we had our first snowfall this winter … ¬†(not counting the ones that fell in autumn), … I decided that it was time that I would come out of my forced hibernation and start doing a bit of sharing lah!.

So this morning and afternoon, I finally decided to grace our balcony with my presence … so that I could snap some photos. ūüôā


Finally, some snowfall … even if it was very light.


Yet enough to show a layer of white this morning … even though it did not last long.


A beautiful blue sky in the afternoon …


… and sunny enough to melt all the snow that had fallen in the morning.

And lest you think that I might be sad at how quickly the snow has disappeared … well, I am not! I am glad that it lasted just long enough for me to enjoy seeing it … so that I shall not be forced to stay indoor after having been cooped in for nearly two weeks!


The lake view early this morning as the day was breaking …. and when the moon was still very visible above Lake Geneva.

It was a perfect half moon this morning … so that I could not resist capturing the perfect shape of a half moon!

Hopefully, I shall not get another relapse for having stepped outside a few times today … because … I am really¬†getting a little sick of hibernating indoor because I am sick!

Not a very good way to start 2014, is it not?