About CT Zan

Curious about me, heh? 😉

I was formerly a library manager with the National Library Board in Singapore before coming to live in Lausanne, Switzerland, in November 2008 after marrying my Swiss husband.

I am still adjusting to my life here and with none of the national languages in Switzerland being English, the learning curve has been slow. Although I wish that I had a special ability to pick up new languages quickly, unfortunately this is not the case … so here I am, still struggling to master French, the language spoken in this part of Switzerland where we live! (should I succeed one day … I think I shall have to write an entry entirely in French just for the fun of it! ;))

This blog came about as a result of my hubby’s new year resolution for me … as he felt that I should try to share my life experiences, living far away from my family … so that they could read about it. And since we both enjoy going on short as well as long trips, I thought it would also be a good platform to share the travelling experiences that we have had … in addition to my various experiments in growing something edible on our balcony!

Although I was initially quite reluctant to start on this endeavour, however, I soon realised that writing about our trips and some of the things that I (or we) have done since the start of this blog would in fact help me to cherish those moments even more.

It has also been wonderful making new acquaintances as a result of writing this blog. And just as it is nice to know that there are readers who enjoy reading the posts and looking at the photos that I have shared on this blog, it has been just as nice to write about them and taking the shots.

So … if you have only just stumbled upon this blog, I hope that you have enjoyed reading the entries as well as looking at the photos shared here … and … do not forget to come visit again! 🙂

A bientôt, j’espère !

CT Zan


11 thoughts on “About CT Zan

  1. Hello Jen,
    Thank you for dropping by my blog and for the comments. It is great that more and more people are becoming interested in balcony gardening. Given the nature of how food is produced today, I believe that growing some of our own food might yield health benefits. In addition, owing to the space restriction inherent to balcony gardening, the gardener gets to be a little creative! As with any activity, there is a learning curve but the feeling of satisfaction one derives from eating one’s own grown produce is difficult to describe to the person who has not had this opportunity. 🙂


  2. Hi CT,

    I am excited to discover your blog. When I was reading about your balcony experience and your writing style.. I knew that we must be either from the same country or neighbouring country. 😉

    I am doing balcony gardening too. My balcony is a lot smaller than yours. So, I only can grow limited variety at the same time I have to be aware and ensure that the balcony looks neat and nice at the same time.

    Waiting impatiently to hearing from you and hopefully to exchange more ideas about balcony gardening with you.



  3. Hi CT Zan! I was looking for a photo of “Geneva in winter time” when I found one of yours…to be used for our office’s 2017 season’s greetings e-card. I love your photos and would like to use one or two. It will be posted in our website and will be shared in our twitter and FB pages. I am working in a non-profit organization in Geneva, the UN Environment, Secretariat of the Basel, Rotterdam & Stockholm Conventions. I would like ask if we could make use of your photo for the mentioned purpose. I can send you a sample of my design. Please send me a reply to my email below. Thanks and looking forward to hearing from you soon.


  4. Hello, I just love the photos on your site. Would it be possible to use one of them as a background for a Christmas card. I take friend’s dog and create scenes with them so we can have special cards. YOu may see just some of the cards I have created using various backgrounds at http://www.cafepress.com/rottweilers.
    Thank you for reading my request.


  5. Hi Kathleen, nice to know another fellow Singaporean moving to Lausanne. Do not tell me that you are currently living in Lutry? That is a beautiful place. Sure, will be nice to meet up one day, Will drop you an email. Although it is 2 months late, still … ‘bienvenue en Suisse’!! 😀


  6. Hello CT, chanced upon this blog while I was checking on Lutry and guess what did I found? A fellow Singaporean in Lausanne! I just moved over Lausanne 2 months ago from SG and would be great to know more kampong kakis in the alps! Look forward to meeting you. Drop me a mail someday. 🙂


  7. Hi Anna, thanks for dropping by my blog! Yup, it was really great to have met you and Frédéric last night. Let’s arrange to meet one day ok? A bientôt!


  8. Hi Sity! I found you here from your FB link! Looking forward to read more adventures in your blog! It was really nice to have met you and your hubby at the SG Buzz event. Keep in touch okay?


  9. Hi Siglap Boy,

    Thank you for your kind comments. But have you tried growing any ang moh potatoes, yet? If you have not, who knows there might be some variety that might possibly grow in Sg, although the result might not be great, of course. Gardening is after all about experimenting. But if you had and did not succeed, well … I have the same problem trying to grow some stuff from the tropics here. But I am not giving up, and this year I am going to try to grow a few more hot weather vegetables. Just hoping that they will grow well enough to give me something to eat before the next winter … we’ll see! 🙂


  10. Hello CT.. stumbled unto your blog while looking for materials on growing chillis.. Had a good read..

    We can never grow the ang moh potatoes in SG… but I was told we could try with the Indian type.. Haha.. so I shall be going down to Tekka Market one of these days…

    Take care and keep growing those veggies and stuff…


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