Snowfall in March …

My hope for a continuous beautiful mild weather for the remaining weeks of the winter season has been totally dashed, as you will see from the photos below. Instead of bright sunshine, the first week of March saw plenty of rain and grey clouds. We even had a heavy bout of snowfall in the early hours of this morning.

I was expecting rain and maybe, sleet … certainly not heavy snowfall. As the hubby has reminded me on many an occasion, we are still in winter and the weather may yet change, with March being well known here for its patterns of unpredictable weather. So okay, he was right … and so my little bubble of happiness, thinking that I would be able to have an early start to my balcony potager given the mild winter weather in February, has been burst.

Thankfully, the temperature has not plummeted and so the snow that fell this morning were quickly swept away by the afternoon rain. So hopefully maybe, just maybe … my seedlings of Chinese mustard green and radish which I carelessly left uncovered at night will have survived their little snowy encounter!

The lovely snowy scene of early this morning. My poor garlic plants looked quite miserable under this inch-deep layer of fresh snow. And my tiny Chinese mustard green seedlings were totally hidden by the snow. Fortunately, I have spare seedlings growing in the protection of the mini greenhouse shelves!

As the landscape below us is now filled with newly built residential flats and those that are in the midst of being erected (which is nothing to rave about during heavy snowfall) … I thought it would be nicer instead to share a few shots of the view further down the hill which we are able to see from our balcony.

Enjoy … 🙂

Hopefully, this will be the last snowfall of the season. If not … well, there is not much that I can do about the weather. I shall just have to learn to be patient and make the best of it. If I cannot attend to my plants, then … I shall just continue to do some winter foraging for edibles lah! 😀 😀

2 thoughts on “Snowfall in March …

  1. Alhamdullilah, cuaca semakin baik di sini. Semakin terasa seperti di musim bunga dahh… Pokok-pokok kat balkoni pun dah semakin meriah. TnshaAllah, nanti I share gambar, ok? Pasal pokok tomato tu, tak pe cuba lagi. Jangan patah semangat. Memang kadang2 macam tu. I dah berapa kali tanam labu, selalu buahnya tak menjadi sangat, Tapi tiap2 tahun, pasti I akan cuba tanam lagi dengan harapan I dapat tuai lebih banyak buah tahun tu. Tapi belum berhasil lagi! 🙂


  2. Semuga cuaca akan bertambah baik di sana. Rindu nak tengok pokok-pokok di balcony rumah you. Ingat tak saya ada beritahu pasal pokok tomato yang saya tanam? Awalnya elok subur tapi bila dah berbuah pokok tu mula layu dan mati. Sayang sangat, sekarang ni saya cuba tanam semula di lokasi berbeza.


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