Autumn colours …

Today is the start of what is going to be a wet and cold autumn week, with some heavy snowfalls forecast for Tuesday according to the Swiss Meterological Department. I must say that I am not ready to have snowfalls starting this early because my balcony garden is not yet fully prepped for its winter hibernation … and I have not had my fill of foraging for mushrooms. But one cannot fight the weather … so I am  resigned if indeed winter is set to make an early appearance.

However, in anticipation of the change of weather, the hubby and I decided to take advantage of a sunny afternoon two days ago to go for a little walk in the nearby woods to enjoy the colours of autumn before they disappeared. Errr … actually my priority was to go and look for black trumpet mushrooms before the winter weather sets in … but hey, I might as well enjoy the colours of autumn while I look for my little black treasures, huh? 🙂

So here are some colourful shots of the woods on that sunny … and very fruitful afternoon. (Oh yes, I found my black trumpets and even its smaller cousin. But more of that in a different post lah! 😉 )










All these glorious colours will soon disappear. But fleeting though they may be, the impression that they leave behind will last for ever. Colours of autumn … at Bois de Sauvebelin, 3 November 2016.


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