Foraging for hazelnuts …

I started taking notes of the various places where I had seen the hazel trees fully laden with nuts as far back as in late spring. And from the sheer number of hazelnuts that I saw on many of the trees, I was gleefully anticipating an abundant hazelnut harvest for myself this year.

In fact, I was so eager to start on my hazelnut picking this year that I actually tried picking them as early as in late August before I would be returning to Singapore for a short visit home. I had hoped that maybe … just maybe, they might already be ripe for picking. Alas much to my disappointment, they were not.

Unfortunately for me, by the time I came back in late September, many of these nuts were no longer on the tree. It would seem that I had missed that crucial period while I was away in Singapore … aarggh!!!

No doubt, it was frustrating to have to search in several places in order to get my hands on the hazelnuts when they were so many of them just a few weeks earlier. But … I did get my hazelnuts, even though I had to expend more time and more energy than I had anticipated. So despite the setback, I am still very thankful for being able to gather some hazelnuts this year. 🙂

dscn5243aBack in late August when the hazel trees were full of nuts … which unfortunately were still green and had not ripened.

sam_6356aSo tempting, are they not?

sam_8642aThe hazelnuts taking a brownish tint to indicate that they have started to ripen. Once ripened, the nuts will fall off easily from the husks. Especially when a strong wind blows, many will fall to the ground. For those that are still attached to the husk (as in the picture above), just a slight nudge will help the process along.

sam_5239aAnother variety of hazelnuts which is not as common. Instead of the usual green colour, the leaves are brownish red …

sam_5238a.. and the nuts are in a beautiful shade of red. I had noticed this particular hazel tree before, but I had never paid much attention to it. But this year, I could not help but notice its beautifully coloured nuts … and I decided that I would try to gather some to taste.

dscn5343aThe red hazelnuts (or filbert) after they have ripened.

sam_8810aMy modest harvest of hazelnuts for this year … so far …

sam_8931a…. including these from the red hazelnut tree. These red hazelnuts actually tasted much nicer than the common green ones. A pity that I did not pick them before … because the place where this tree grows has been slated for redevelopment. So I cannot help but wonder whether the tree will still be there next harvesting season … haizzz … 😦

Although I would have liked to forage for more hazelnuts, I chose to spend more time foraging for another type of nuts which is a big favourite of ours, after realising that its season had started! But more about that in another post lah! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Foraging for hazelnuts …

  1. Alhamdullilah. Memang seronok dapat petik buah dan kekacang percuma Ros. Cuaca pun elok saja. InshaaAllah, I akan usahakan menulis entri tentang cendawan ok?


  2. Sity….seronok sungguh baca entri you…! Mesti cuaca nyaman je waktu you berdua pergi memetik buah dan kekacang. Dapat saya bayangkan nikmatnya. Macam-macam resepi boleh diolah dengan dua jenis buah dan kekacang tu. Murah rezeki you dan Paul. Saya tunggu entri mengutip cendawan pula…heheheeee


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