Foraging in autumn …

Time passes so fast … and we are already breezing our way into autumn!

But I cannot complain too much because this is one of my favourite times of the year … when I get to indulge in my foraging adventures. Of course, I also forage in spring and in summer … but autumn is THE TIME of the year when I get to forage for my favourite loots … fruits, nuts and not forgetting, mushrooms!

And to kickstart my foraging adventure this autumn … I got the hubby to accompany me to look for some apples. In fact this year, I made sure that I did my homework by taking note of the various places that I saw as potential foraging haunts way ahead of time.

There are actually several places from which we could have tried to get some free apples … but it made sense to get to the one nearest to us lah!


So a few days after I had returned home from my recent visit to Singapore, the hubby and I made a special trip to this particular spot to get some free organic apples.


There are two apple trees not far from each other, and both were equally laden with apples!


They might not look as juicy and as beautiful as those sold in the supermarkets … but they still look yummy … and are a lot healthier, too, as these are chemical-free apples!

And as an added bonus for that afternoon little foraging excursion …


… I also spotted a pear tree just several metres away! What good luck!


Unlike the apple trees, the pear tree was quite high which would have made it impossible for us to pick the pears except to gather those that had already fallen on to the ground and which were still in good condition. Fortunately, the hubby found a long pole lying on the ground (obviously used by someone to pick the pears), which enabled us to pick some nice fresh pears as well.


The loot for our first foraging outing in autumn. It was tempting to continue picking the apples and pears … but we felt that we should not take more than we could eat.


We are thankful and just as pleased with our two big colanders of apples and one colander full of pears! 😀  Not bad at all for our first autumn foraging together.

And in addition to the apples and pears, we also brought home a handful of hazelnuts which we had found while making our way to the apple trees. We chose not to spend too much time picking the hazelnuts as our priority was to find some apples.

But … after having realized that the hazelnuts season is in session, I decided to go out the very next day just to look for hazelnuts! hehehe …


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