Eid Mubarak …

Alhamdullilah … like several million other Muslims who live in this part of the hemisphere, I have survived my first fasting during those two months of the year with the longest days. Indeed, the days were long … but we were so fortunate in Lausanne that the start of fasting was accompanied by frequent rains and cool weather.  By the time the weather had decided to turn for the worst (for the fasting … but definitely for the better for my babies on the balcony!) we were already nearing the end of Ramadan.

It is with sadness and much reluctance that I let the blessed month go on its way … but … inshaaAllah, I hope to welcome it again next year.

In the meantime …

Hari Raya 2016

For my non-Malay speakers … the pantun or quatrain loosely translates …

Flowers that beautiful and bright,
Being look in Eid-ul-Fitr,
Speech being sent as personal substitute,
Memento not forget at heart.

… by one of the free online translation services! hehehe … 😀

Oh well … I did not want to have to think too hard about how it translates into English … but I am sure that you get the gist of its meaning, no? 😉



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