Missing out on the primrose ….

One really has to be at the right place and at the right time in order to enjoy some of the lovely spring blooms. Too often, the blossoms only bloom for a short period of time. Just a week or two too early, the flower buds might still be tightly closed and yet just a week or two too late and one realises much to one’s disappointment that the coveted blooms are already over.

This spring, much to my disappointment, I had missed seeing some of my favourite spring blossoms … and one of them is the lovely primrose (Primula vulgaris). Primrose is one of the earliest flowers to bloom in spring, apart from the crocus. As soon as the temperature starts to warm up, one is normally able to see them. Sometimes if the winter is warm enough, they will even make their grand appearance in winter!

Last year as the hubby and I was walking towards Sallaz, I was incredulous to find so many primroses growing all over the place in late March. So remembering how lovely they had looked, I had hoped to be able to enjoy more of their flowery show this year when I returned from Singapore in April. Alas to my disappointment, I could not find any in those areas where I had seen them last spring. It was only slightly more than a week later than when I saw them last year and yet it would seem that their blooming season had already ended..

Well of course, I could still see plenty of them at the garden centres … but it is the wild and common primroses that I am interested in … not the commercially cultivated ones. They might not be as colourful as their cultivated cousins but I personally think that they have a lot more class.

Fortunately, I took several photos of them last year. So I thought I would share them here so that I could reminisce of when I saw them last spring …

DSCN3782AColourful primroses on sale at a garden centre. I have to admit that it is nice to see their burst of colours in spring.

DSCN3727ABut nothing beats seeing the wild common ones growing in open grounds.

DSCN3736AAnd last year in late March, they were blooming all over the place.

DSCN3744AIt was pure luck that I had my little camera with me when I saw them.

DSCN3740AOtherwise, I would have been one very frustrated woman … for missing out on a good photo-taking opportunity! 🙂

DSCN3741AJust look at them. Even though they are not as colourful as those sold in the garden centres, to me, they are a lot lovelier.


Generally, the common primrose tends to be pale yellow in colour.

DSCN3743ABut sometimes, when one is lucky, one also gets to see them in shades of pink or red …


… or white.

DSCN3734AAnd last year was a lucky year, because I saw a number of pink and red ones growing amongst the hundreds of pale yellow blooms


This was one of several clumps of primroses that grew on the slope just beneath our flat last year. It was such a treat to see them there because normally they do not grow so close to home.

DSCN3622AIt was an added bonus when I saw that some of them had these different shades of pink and red.

DSCN3621ASo pretty are they not? What is more, they are edible (both the leaves and the pretty flower)!

And what a forager like me is to do when she sees all these beauties?

DSCN3707AWell … she goes back home to get a trowel … so that she can unearth a few of them and bring them home to grow in a pot lah! 🙂

And as she had a trowel with her, she also took the opportunity to unearth a few other spring beauties to try to grow them, too. hehehe … 😀

What a pity to have missed such beauties this year. Fortunately, I have these photos from last year.  😉


2 thoughts on “Missing out on the primrose ….

  1. Dulu masa deretan pokok-okok epal belum ditebang, bunga primrose banyak tumbuh di bawah pokok-pokok epal. Masa tu memang I rasa betul-betul macam dalam cerita dongeng. Teruja sekali. Rasa sedih sangat bila pokok-pokok tu dah tak ada sebab bunga-bunga primrose pun dah tak tumbuh lagi disitu.


  2. Wah cantik sungguh Sity….serata halaman penuh dengan bunga..!
    Saya suka. Macam dalam cerita dongeng..


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