A short stopover at the Tulip Festival in Morges …

Okay, now that I have vented … errr, I mean shared … my frustrations with the ongoing nuisances that the hubby and I have had to literally and physically face (remember that it is happening just opposite our balcony) since the summer of 2014 from the major construction work that is under way, I can now share more of the happy stuff lah! ūüôā

And happy stuff in spring naturally almost always revolves around the varied and highly colourful flora that has finally emerged after its long beauty sleep in the cold ground. As I had been away for the whole of winter hibernating in a warmer climate and as I only came back at the time when spring is almost in full swing, I missed some of the early spring beauties that prefer making their grand entrance as soon as the ground starts to warm up a little.

Oh well, I ONLY have to wait ONE year to be able to catch them waking up from their winter slumber again … so it is okay lah. Time will pass quickly enough I am sure. Must think positive heh? hehehe … ūüėÄ

SAM_2958AFortunately for me, I did not miss catching the tulips at the Tulip Festival before it ended. A visit by my Indonesian penpal friend (whom I befriended in my teens and who now lives in Shanghai) provided a perfect opportunity for me to pay a visit to the festival in Morges while I played host to her. So on our way to visit the parents, we made a brief stop in Morges to check out the tulips growing along the scenic shoreline of lake Léman.

Given that¬†this was¬†the¬†fifth year that I visited the annual floral exhibition¬†in Morges,¬†I did not take as many photos¬†of the¬†tulips as I had done on previous visits … which means that I am only going to share a few photos here lah!

You are welcome to peruse the many photos that I shared in my earlier posts on the festival, if you feel that you have not had your fill of looking at these spring beauties. ūüėČ








Tulip Festival, Morges 2016


A traditional music maker providing entertainment to a small group of young visitors.


And my long-time penfriend CJ standing in between the flower beds. It was fortunate that the day was nice and sunny, although a bit chilly, when I took her to the floral exhibition. It was raining everyday just before that day. I hope the trip to the Tulip Festival is a nice souvenir of her stay with us.

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