Springing back to life …

Errr … hullo, hullo … anybody out there?

Weeell … I most certainly hope that there are still some of you out there who have not given up on me. It has certainly been a long, long time since I last shared anything. I have hibernated even longer than our furry friends do in winter. To be precise, it has been two winters of hibernation … from sharing anything on this blog. 😀

Throughout my hibernation, I have continued to garden and to forage … and I still take photos of both. But I did lack the inclination and the motivation to share and write about my experiences … and I did not have the luxury of time to write as I had had before.

But do you know what? I did miss all the sharings … or rather … me sharing some bits of my activity with you. I missed it quite a lot, in fact.

However, these super long breaks have been very good for me. And I learnt a lot while I was on MIA, especially about tropical plants. No doubt, there were times when my fingers wanted badly to hit the keyboard to share about what I had learnt. But the writing mojo was simply not ready to end its hibernation just yet. And I just could not spare the time either.

But guess what? My writing mojo is ready to spring back into action … and just in time to cheer the spring season, too. (Good timing, heh? 😀 )

However, please bear with me if I do not write as often as I did before because despite the intention and the eagerness to start sharing again … (and I do have a lot to share) … I still do not have the luxury of time. At least, not yet …

Anyway, to celebrate the revival of Just Sharing … I thought that the following pictures would be a lovely reminder of what spring is all about … at least to me lah!


Spring is that time of the year when I get … to admire beautiful cherry blossoms


… or to indulge in springtime foraging, especially for wild garlic or ramson (or bear’s garlic as they are called in either French or German) at the parents’ ….

SAM_2998A… or to marvel at the myriad of colours and shapes of more than 300 different varieties of tulips at the Tulips Festival in Morges…


… or to bask in the golden glow of the many fields of colza in full bloom …


… or to delight in the many pretty wild flowers


… and most of all … to enjoy the sweet scent of the lovely narcissi!

And of course, it is also THE time to get my balcony garden going. It is still a work in progress … (very slow progress, I have to admit) … but hopefully in a few weeks’ time, provided that the weather continues to cooperate, I hope to be able to have more time to do some springtime foraging.


6 thoughts on “Springing back to life …

  1. Hello Ros,
    This is for you, tau! Supaya tak stress sangat kat ofis! hehehe … Inshaa Allah, akan I usahakan untuk berkongsi lagi.


  2. Hello…..tamatlan penantian saya selama ini…welcome back dan terima kasih banyak-banyak. Entri ini umpama ‘oksigen’ dalam kehidupan saya saat ini….

    love you


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