Foraging in autumn : back at Forêt du Jorat for another mushroom hunt … …

SAM_1175.ASpurred by the small success of our first cycling cum mushroom hunting expedition at the Forest of Jorat, we decided to go back to the same forest a week later when the weather proved cooperative.

However, this time round after having realised the physical shape that I was in, the hubby proposed that whereas he would cycle to the forest with both bicycles, I could take the public transport so that we could be at the forest more quickly than by going up there half-cycling, half-walking as we had done the previous week. Naturally, I was more than happy to agree with this proposition! 🙂

The weather that day was really lovely (unlike when we had gone there to learn about mushrooms two weeks earlier ).


And when I arrived at the Mauvernay Sports Centre (to wait for the hubby), I could see that there were already a number of people there who had come to take advantage of the warm sunny weather to go walking, cycling, running and horse-riding in the forest.


Having some extra time to spend at the forest (as I had taken the public transport) we were thus able to explore the forest a little more … and we went a lot further than we had done the previous week.


We cycled for quite sometime, exploring areas where the hubby had not been during his runs in the forest, including this farmland with a view of the Alpes vaudoises in the background.

Jorat 2

We found spots with plenty of hazelnut trees growing at the sides of the forest road… which unfortunately had finished their season … and I also discovered spots where several blackthorn trees were heavily laden with their black plum-like berries. And along the way, we also made several stops to look for edible mushrooms that we could bring home.


This panorama shows the view we saw when we arrived at the plain of Mauvernay several hours later. The sports centre is hidden by the trees on the right. However, as I am quite bad with directions, it took me a while before I realised that we were, in fact, approaching Mauvernay! ish … ish … ish … 🙂

Unlike the previous week, on this outing, we chose to enter the forest from the other side of the plain (the row of trees on the opposite side of the sports centre).

SAM_1263.AHubby giving the bicycles a quick shower and clean-up at the sports centre before heading back home.

As much as I had enjoyed exploring the vast forest of Jorat on my bicycles that day … I enjoyed myself even more during the hunt for mushrooms. And contrary to the claim of a lady (who saw us searching for mushrooms) that there was no more edible mushrooms to be found at the forest … we found enough to make us happy.

SAM_1163 A

Accidentally stumbling across this shaggy mane mushroom (coprinus comatus) at the start of our mushroom cum cycling exploration must had been a good omen … because, on this second hunt, we managed to find the kind of edible mushrooms that I had been looking for.

Interestingly, this mushroom (which is edible) was spotted while I was cycling. So obviously, as my experience (on two separate outings) had shown me, it IS possible to find some mushrooms even while one is cycling! 😀 )

SAM_1205AThe hubby was the first to spot these chanterelles. Of course, at that time, we were still not 100% sure but we were almost certain that they could be the real ones. So into a paper bag they went for their date with the mushroom inspectors!


Unfortunately, these were the only ones that we found that day. Still … better a few than none at all lah!

It was so much fun seeking the boletes that day … mainly because we managed to find them! 🙂 Unlike the boletes that I found the previous week, the ones that we found this time were generally much smaller.

Bay bolet. 2

It was really adorable to see them in their setting … playing hide and seek with foragers like us! 🙂


Alone, I might have missed a few of them. But with two pair of eyes, it was much easier to find them in spite of their camouflage.  Although it would have been better (for our tummies) if they had been bigger … beggar foragers like us cannot afford to be choosy lah!

Bay bolet

As we could not be sure they would still be there by our next visit (which would depend very much on the weather), we chose to pick those that looked good to eat even though they were still quite small.

Bay bolet. 3

Unfortunately, although we found several of these cute boletes, … they were not the ones that I was looking for.  These were later identified by the mushroom inspector as bay boletes (boletus badius)… a species which is also quite delicious.

But as it was to be our lucky day, we did find that one species of boletes that I had been looking for …


… the king bolete (also known as cep, porcini, penny bun or by its Latin name boletus edulis) Unfortunately, my little king looked more like a little prince … even though I have to agree, after having had my first taste of this mushroom, that it was indeed delicious (the reason why it is so much sought after). Fortunately for us, we managed to find two other ones slightly bigger than this little prince so that we were able to enjoy the flavour of this king mushroom properly. 🙂

Autumn chanterelles 2

Our last stop before heading for home … was to go and look for more autumn chanterelles (craterellus tubaeformis) at the spot where we had found them the previous week. We could not find any there but I managed to spot some at an area not too far away … as well as several more when we happened to stop at another place before leaving the forest.

Autumn chanterelles

Although there were not as many as I had hoped to find and although they were not as big as the ones that we had found one week earlier … they were more than enough to keep the forager in me very happy. 🙂


So the next day, I happily went to visit the mushroom inspectors with a basket full of our loot from the forest of Jorat. Inside my basket, (from top going clockwise), I had king boletes or porcini, amethyst deceivers, bay boletes (with one red cracked bolete in the mix), golden chanterelles as well as autumn chanterelles.


But our loot was reduced to this when I got home … as most of the bay boletes, unfortunately, were no longer good for consumption. It was fortunate that the few king boletes that we found were still okay so that I decided to use them (as well as the few chanterelles that we found) for our dinner that evening. And I have to agree … boletes and chanterelles in omelette … these are matches made in heaven!! 🙂

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  1. Hi Zan,

    Are you still living in Lausanne ?
    I’m Alerie, fellow Singaporean just relocated to Lausanne and would like to meet up with S’porean kaki for kopi. If you like (or any S’poreans nearby), pls email me at Cya 🙂


  2. Salam Sity,

    Macam dah berkurun saya tak dapat singgah blog you, banyak yang saya tertinggal. Salji dah turun ke? Mesti you sangat sibuk dengan persiapan sambut krismas. Nanti update kisah salji turun ya.
    Take care.


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