Foraging in autumn : my little loot of apples and pears …

Nuts are not the only freebies to be had in autumn. If one is lucky enough to accidentally stumble upon them or know exactly where to find them … then, autumn is also the season for some free apples or pears. Certainly they can be had for free where I am living in Lausanne.

Unfortunately, unlike the nuts … this year has not been a good year for apples as far as I am concerned. The apple trees close to home had either been cut just a few months ago so as to make way for the construction of new residential buildings … or … they bore very few apples (and were too high to pick easily).

Apple trees

Not giving up … while on a cycling excursion to look for mushrooms at Forêt du Jorat two weeks ago … I managed to persuade the hubby to make a brief stop at this place which I know has lots of apple trees to check out for apples to pick.


Unfortunately, although there were still plenty of apples for free picking … the look of the apples left much to be desired.


We did not find a single tree with decent-looking apples to pick. I do not mind some blotches … but these apples had looked very sick. So no free apples for me to get excited about … what a bummer! 😦

But that was not to say that I did not get to pick any free apples lah! Only that it was not enough for me to become excited about as I could count with both hands the number of free apples that I got to collect.


For instance, there were these apple trees that I came across with lots of beautiful looking apples begging to be picked. However, despite them growing in an open area just next to the main road … I chose not to pluck any as I was not sure whether they belonged to a building located about 20 – 30 metres away.


Instead, after having snapped some photos, I decided to pick only a few decent looking ones which had fallen to the ground next to the walking path to bring home … as it is legally permissible to do so.


And I also picked a few that had fallen to the ground near the walking paths when we went to the village of Romainmôtier. There were many apple trees in that village … with a number of them growing next to public walking paths. It was either leaving them to rot on the ground … or picking a few to eat. So I chose to pick one from different varieties that I saw on the ground … as souvenirs from Romainmôtier ... and they were delicious! 🙂


But the unexpected surprise this year was being able to pick these pears.


I had noticed this very tall tree during one of our earlier cycling excursions to Chalet à Gobet … and I had always thought that it was an apple tree. It was only when I got to pick the fruit this year that I realised that it was, in fact, a pear tree! 🙂


And just like the walnut tree near home which bore copious number of walnuts this year (there were hardly any walnuts on that tree last year) …  this pear tree appears to be enjoying the same bountiful supply of pears, too.

SAM_9677.AEvery single branches seemed to be covered with pears so that it was really incredible to see.


If the pears had been red in colour like the apples, I believe that this tree would have look very red, indeed!


As I walked  and cycled along the path next to the tall pear tree, it was difficult not to notice the many pears that had fallen from the tree, some of which had rolled down the slope to accumulate beside the walking path as well as on the road. They might not be very big and some might appear a little blotchy (as no pesticide has touched them) … but they were also lying there for free picking as long as one cares to spent time to select the good ones.

SAM_1005.ASo although we failed to come home with any apples during our cycling excursion to Forêt du Jorat two weeks ago  … we did come home with a basket full of pears. And this was in addition to the ones that I had picked from the same spot just two weeks earlier.

It would seem that my forage jaunts for nuts and fruits this autumn have been quite productive. However, my foraging is not over yet. There are still the mushrooms to forage for … and that is still an ongoing endeavour as long as weather permits!  🙂


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