Plum tree … no more …

History is repeating itself … when it comes to plum trees (and me) … it would seem.

I discovered my first plum tree in the neighbourhood exactly three years ago (in August) … only to see it cut down with the rest of the apple trees that grew in the same area several months later. I was quite heartbroken when that happened … for both the plum tree and especially for the apple trees.

And last Friday … the same thing happened with the second plum tree that I had discovered only three weeks ago.


This orphan plum tree which I had decided to adopt and which had brought so much joy to me (and the hubby) for the past few weeks was no more … arrgghhh!!

It was still there on Friday morning … but by Saturday morning …


… this was the scene that greeted me when I looked across the balcony … to the spot where my ‘adopted’ plum tree used to stand beside the metal fence. It is gone … and not a single trace to show that it had been there! 😦

Haizzzz … what a sad day it was when the hubby and I saw what had happened to the plum tree. Fortunately, we got to enjoy our second moment of pleasure, as we had managed to go on a second round of plums’ picking just a few days earlier.


It would have been difficult to pick the plums a second time … if not for the long (but very heavy) ladder that the hubby had spotted a few days earlier lying discarded not far from the plum tree.

SAM_9037.BThis was because although there were still plenty of plums to be picked … most of them were hanging on the higher branches.

Unfortunately, the ground was not flat and with the thick shrubs growing underneath the tree as well as the metal fence near the tree it was difficult to find a proper place to put the ladder in a secure position. In the end, we had to lean the ladder against the metal fence. It was not the best position (as the fence was a little shaky) … but not even a shaky ladder was going to stop us from picking our plums!!


But, of course, I could not let the hubby have all the fun at picking the plums. So after having reassured the hubby that I would be safe enough up the ladder … I, too, got my turn to do some of my own plum pickings. 🙂


Our plum harvest on that day … not as much as our first picking but it still added up to nearly 5 kg!

When we went home happily with our harvest that day … little did we know that it would be our last picking from the tree. But with the development that is going on in the area … we knew that many of the orphan fruit trees in the area were living on borrowed time. It was just a matter of time before they would have to give way for the construction of the new residential complex in the area.


My ‘adopted’ plum tree … after it had been felled … with the ladder (jutting out from a hole in the ground) that we had used to do our second plucking.

This plum tree is the third fruit trees that I had ‘found’ and then ‘lost’ this spring and summer … and, unfortunately, I know that it will not be the last. 😦

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3 thoughts on “Plum tree … no more …

  1. Paul, hari yg sedih for me too. Sayangnya…….baru nak plan, the next time CT post free fruits , we will visit you.

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  2. It is indeed very sad to see trees disappear … especially trees which offer us food (even though it was not ‘appreciated’ by the residents). What is even sadder is that once the new residential blocks will have popped out of the earth and the tenants will have moved in, little will the latter be aware of the ‘goodness of nature’ that once grew in this area. How mad our ‘civilisation’ is to part with trees that produce food for humans …


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