My potager garden is sporting a new look …

It has been a very looong silence on my part, I know.

And all the time while I had been keeping very quiet, I had not stopped taking lots of photos of my balcony potager as well as during those few excursions that I did with the hubby to check out the spring blooms.

Only … the motivation to share those photos that I have been accumulating was sadly lacking lah!

Even though the urge to write is still not quite there … I decided that I should at least try to make an effort. At the very least … for the faithful followers of my balcony garden journey, I could show how my balcony potager is looking right now … especially as it had been left under the care of the ‘water guy’ while I was away for several weeks.

Fortunately for the ‘water guy’, it had rained off and on almost on a daily basis while I was away … so that he did not have much to do … except to remember to pick those that needed picking such as salads, beans, berries, peas, etc …

And with the frequent rains while I was away, I certainly did not have to worry about any of my plants dying of thirst … but … I certainly was not expecting to be greeted with the view below …

DSCN2186A, 31 Jul 2014This was the view that had greeted me upon my arrival three days ago … and which I have left undisturbed for now.

DSCN2187AInterestingly, my balcony seems to be looking more like wild shrubs than a potager, do you not agree? Lots of greens growing in careless abundance all over the balcony.

DSCN2185AAnd you know what? I adore this new, ‘unkept’ look!! 😀 I truly enjoyed looking at them … especially at how the various plants are doing. Leaving to grow and fend for themselves … many of them have grown past their prime and a lot have gone into seeds.

At some point, I shall have to start tidying up the balcony a little and start trimming the plants. For certain, that potato plant which is growing out of the orange plastic growbag and is now obstructing the path through the balcony will have to be cut and harvested.

I look soooo forward to spending my time with my babies … as soon as the weather improves! I shall try to share more photos of my babies as I work on them, ok? 😉



One thought on “My potager garden is sporting a new look …

  1. Yes, it is a much ‘greener’ balcony garden you have come back to – the fault rests mostly with the weather: we have had so much rain that the red watering can and the makeshift watering can which can be seen in the background are still full of water from before your departure. Let us hope we now have some sunshine so that the vegetables can grow at a faster pace …


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