May harvest …

For my own little record-keeping, I decided that this year …  I would write brief but regular entries on the different produce gathered from my balcony potager for each month of the gardening season.

I tried keeping manual records last year and, upon the suggestion of the ‘water guy’, … I even made an effort to weigh them to know the total amount (in weight) I managed to harvest of the different produce. But it was too much hassle … and sometimes, when I picked them just before I put them into the pan, I totally forgot to weigh them and to take a note … haizzz.

So as to save myself the trouble of having to go through all that hassle this year, I am just going to take snapshots of the different produce that I gather each month … and this will suffice as a record of what I grew and managed to harvest each month!

In addition, it will also serve as a visual reminder for the ‘water guy’ who sometimes claims (out of forgetfulness!) that he did not see much produce from my balcony potager despite the amount of effort that I had put in! Huh??

So the following pictures show the mini harvest for the month of May. It was not much as the gardening season had only just begun to kick-off for me here on my balcony potager in Lausanne. But … I am hopeful that there will be more to harvest this month! 🙂


Some greens … for the frying pan and for the salad bowl: Siow Pat Tsai and mixed salad leaves.


Some roots that were sown last autumn: Red Florence spring onions and Purple Haze carrots.


Tropical herbs: Indian pennyworts or gotukola or pegaga (which survived the long flight from Singapore to Switzerland wrapped in wet tissues in March) and lemongrass.


And last but not least (as I had forgotten to take snapshots of the Tom Thumb peas that I had popped into my mouth), … strawberries! Not enough to suit me … but I am happy to finally be able to enjoy freshly picked strawberries once again. The taste is incomparably better than those bought in the supermarket!.

And so this sums up my small harvest for the month of May. 🙂

Previous entries on balcony potager in May:



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