Balcony ‘potager’ in late May …

The month of May is ending and my balcony potager is still a ‘work in progress’. In fact, there is still a lot more work to be done before I can rest a little easier … but … it is slowly but surely getting there.

I have planted more seedlings outside when the weather was sunnier and dry … but … each time when the weather turned less favourable, my heart started to flip … wondering if my little babies would be able to take the change in temperature or withstand the gust of strong winds.

There have been casualties as a result of the changing weather … but … it cannot match the numbers that I have lost as a result of the attack of the gnat’s larvae. This year, a number of my seedlings succumbed to the voracious appetites of these larvae. These days whenever I would plant out my seedlings, I would remove the soils and only plant the seedlings bare-rooted. It is a calculated risk that I am taking but I do not wish to transfer the larvae into the container outside. A few of the seedlings died after the transplanting, but many have continued to grow well enough.

So how is my balcony potager progressing? Here is a few quick shots taken this morning …

SAM_5883AThe balcony is starting to look greener nowadays … and when the morning is nice and sunny, it warms my heart to see my babies outside looking well. 😀

SAM_5882.AThe balcony is getting a bit crowded, I guess, … but I still have more seedlings to plant out. Right now, I would lurve to lay my hands on a recycled wooden plank to use to repair the previous garden table top (which I salvaged from the garbage area) which is now half-rotted out. Once it is repaired, I shall be able to fit in a few more containers.

SAM_5862AAs the planting is still in progress … there is always a lot of shifting and moving things around in order to fit in the new comers to the balcony potager!

SAM_5864AThe top of the garden shed has become a little area for a number of seedlings as it is not as exposed to strong gusts of wind and sunshine, thereby offering some protection to the seedlings to get them acclimatised to the conditions prevailing outside.


My cheap version of cloches to protect the more fragile plants from chilly evenings or from heavy bouts of rain … whatever works lah! 😉

SAM_5874AOur balcony table … cum my working garden table! hehehe … This was after some tidying that I did yesterday. However, I cannot wait to clear this table of all the gardening stuff once I am finished with the repotting and replanting  as I hate to see it full of clutter!

SAM_5767ASo to make it less of an eyesore … I decided to gather some of the wildflowers growing at the bushes down in the small street below (during my little trip to pick some stinging nettles for my tomato seedlings).

It certainly helps to brighten up my working table … and best of all …


… it is also useful for attracting the bees! So the beautiful wildflower bouquet fulfills a double duty! I loikeeee …. 😀



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