A balcony with a view …

There was some very beautiful light this evening as I was working on the balcony … and so I decided to grab my camera and started snapping a few shots for my own little souvenirs.

But then … such a beautiful view deserves to be shared. So this was how it had looked like from our balcony this evening just before 8.00 o’clock.

SAM_5757.AI love the juxtaposition of grey clouds and bright light. Although the day had been mostly sunny, there was a short spell of light drizzle in the evening which explained the grey clouds (or rain clouds).

A few close-up shots.




PS: In case you are wondering what are those poles that you see on the top three pictures … they are to indicate the height of the buildings that will be built in that empty fields. It is a legal requirement in the canton of Vaud (which Lausanne belongs to), for building developers to indicate the height of the building that is to be built.

Fortunately for us, the buildings that are going to be constructed (a large residential complex covering a wide area) are not high enough to block our view of the lake. However, our neighbours staying in the lower floors will not be as lucky. Poor them … 😦







5 thoughts on “A balcony with a view …

  1. Alhamdullilah Kak Maz, and lucky you to be going to see the Niagara Fall. Bestnyer! As for the white melon, I hope that it will grow in your garden since it failed to grow in mine!


  2. CT n Paul, indeed you are very lucky….
    CT, thank u, alhamdulillah i am well. made 2 trips to jordan this year and we will go to new york and niagara fall this aug inn syaa Allah.
    i am keeping my fingers cross, germinating the white melon u gave now. i kept these seeds in the fridge first.


  3. We were indeed very lucky to have found a flat with such a splendid view. We are also fortunate to have a neighbour on the first floor who is involved in local politics and who managed to prevent the construction of an extra floor on the building in front of us thanks to his opposition – this was quite fortunate because the law here in Lausanne was recently changed from 4 to 5 storeys max for ordinary (i.e. non high rise) buildings to help cope with the population growth. However, construction on the plot below us (it was the last major plot of land left in Lausanne) as well as east of us already has and will still involve the felling of many trees — what a pity. This area was a true paradise. I can remember quite vividly that after my first run to Bois de Jorat with a good friend of mine in July 2010 (we had moved here in April) we ran down below our block and just lay in the grass and enjoyed the sun; my friend made a remark about how lucky we were and that he was sure we would really enjoy living here. True, but we would have enjoyed it even more if the area had remained ‘untouched’ …


  4. Salam Kak Maz. Alhamdullilah, I get to enjoy this view selagi masih tinggal di flat ni. Setiap hari dan musim berganti, pemandangannya akan berubah sedikit. There was even a rainbow but I did not remember to snap the photo, unfortunately. I hope that you are well.


  5. as salam CT, sangat cantik, rasa nak cry …subhanallah…thanks for sharing.


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