Plenty of cherries at the parents’ …

Like three years ago, we missed out on seeing the cherry blossoms at the parents’ this year. I had seen some blooms when we were there for the wedding reception of hubby’s younger brother in late April. But as we did not go again until three weeks later, we therefore, missed seeing the plants when they were in full bloom … haizzz.

Based on the numbers of cherries on the plants, I am pretty sure that it must had been a beautiful sight indeed … because this year, the two plants at the side garden were covered with lots and lots of cherries. Oh yes, this year looks set to be a bountiful year of the cherries at the parents!

The cherries were still green when we came the previous Sunday (i.e. more than a week ago). But when we came to visit again last Saturday so as to see Zia Rita who was staying at the parents … I could see that the cherries had started to turn red and were becoming deliciously attractive! 🙂

In fact, it would seem to me as if more cherries had turned red overnight when I checked on them again the next morning before leaving for our train ride to Domodossola.

Okay, some photos to get you salivating a little, I hope … hehehe … 😀


One of the two cherry plants at the side garden. The cherries on this one have started to turn a lovely shade of red.

DSCN1447AWell, many are still quite green …


… but I could already see beautiful shades of pink and red on the cherries.


The trees as seen from the balcony on the first floor. As many are still quite green … the effect of the countless numbers of cherries on the trees could not be seen in this photo. But truly, they had looked sooo awesome from above!


Once all the cherries have turned red … it will be very difficult to resist picking them and popping them straight into the mouth!


Unfortunately, it appears that the daddy-man had sprayed some pesticide on the trees and that the dosage was strong enough to have caused the leaves of the flowering plants growing underneath to turn brown. DSCN1503A

What a dampener … because now I am still unsure as to whether I ought to give in to temptation to pick them once they have ripened … or give these delicious looking cherries a miss! Arggghhh … !!


The second cherry tree … which normally tends to ripen a bit later. Although it might not be seen very clearly on this picture …

DSCN1482A… this second tree is equally laden with lots and lots of cherries! A pity that my small Nikon camera was not able to do justice when capturing the photos of the cherries on this one.DSCN1484A

But I am sure that you can see the little beauties well enough … even if you cannot see all of them lah! 🙂


Imagine when all the cherries have turned red … on both trees. Oh là là … what a pretty little picture that will make!

Apart from these two cherry trees … which the daddy-man had planted after the parents moved to this house more than ten years ago … there are also wild cherry trees in the copse below which the parents inherited.


And as they are quite old, the trees are thus very, very tall. This one here (wedged between the two pine trees) could be seen quite clearly from the back terrace. Although it cannot be seen on the picture, I could even see the cherries on the trees from the terrace!

DSCN1410AAnother wild cherry tree in the copse of the parents’ home …so as to show how tall the trees are. They are just too tall for picking … and using a ladder to pick them as we had done with the two modern varieties at the side garden was out of the question … especially since they grow on a slope.


So whatever cherries that do not fall to the ground … they become food for the birds. Still … despite these free cherries, the birds will still come and pinch on those growing at the side garden, much to the parents’ consternation!

These birds certainly knows which cherries to go for … as I believe the wild ones are quite tart and thus are not as sweet as those from the two modern varieties! Clever birds!! 😀

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