A brief stop at Domodossola …

It has been a while since the hubby and I went on an excursion. In fact, we have not done a single excursion together this year. We have not been up the mountains, nor into the forests, nor have we been checking out any villages, towns or cities … either within or outside of Switzerland.

Indeed, our excursions are loooong overdue!

However, on Sunday, we finally did one … even if this outing was unplanned and it was really very brief.

Actually, it was not a proper excursion … in that we made the trip only so that Zia Rita (hubby’s aunt who had come from Italy to visit the family for the past two weeks) would have some company on her long train ride back to Trentino.


As it was not possible to accompany the aunt all the way to Verona (where her sons would be meeting her and driving her back home to Trentino, also in Northern Italy), as we would have got back home late at night … we, therefore, chose to accompany her until the Swiss-Italian border town of Domodossola.

We had stopped at this little Italian town a few times when we chose to take the train ride through the Centovalli (which requires a change of train at Domodossola) in order to get to Locarno.


But each time when we were here, we never left the railway station as we would normally have to rush to take the connecting train.


However, as we had more than half an hour of waiting time to kill on this particular stop before taking our train back to Lausanne … I suggested that we get out of the railway station to have a quick look at Domodossola’s little town.

And we were glad that we did so, as there was more to see at Domodossola than we had initially assumed.


It was not long before we found ourselves in this little alley … which leads to the old town of Domodossola.


I was especially attracted to these balconies covered with lots of plants. Very nice … and very Italian!

Domodossola old town

And soon … after having passed through all these small alleys, we came to a little square in the old town of Domodossola.

Below are pictures of the square and a few of the alleys that we passed through in the old town.



I just adore the architecture of these old buildings, especially of little balconies filled with flowering plants. Sooo pretty!









As we did not want to miss our train since the next train would be only in 2 hours’ time … we soon made our way back to the railway station.


It was really a very quick sightseeing of Domodossola and its old town … but … better that than nothing at all lah! At least, we now know how the little town of Domodossola looks like … apart from its railway station. 😀



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