Home gardens … other than mine …

Recently, I got to visit two ‘home’ gardens that belong to two Singaporean ladies whom I have had the good fortune to make my acquaintance this year.

This is why I thought that it would be more interesting to share about their home garden than about my own … as there is really nothing interesting to share about my balcony garden at this moment. The weather has turned wet and a little chilly again so that I have had to put work on the balcony on hold for a while. So basically, my balcony garden is still looking … not quite how I wanted it to look like lah!

I suppose that I could have shared about the two raspberry plants which will make me one very happy gardener … (if all the buds that I am seeing on the plants were indeed to turn into sweet and delicious raspberries, that is!) … but, I think it will be nicer to share about these two ‘home’ gardens instead … as I am sure that some of you must be tired of looking at pictures of my balcony garden every gardening season! 😉

Errr … actually, there was not much going on at the time in these two gardens that I am about to share. But I am nevertheless going to share some pictures of them … simply because … I took several shots when I was there! hehehe …

Of course, I would not mind having either of them to grow my edibles! 😀


The first garden is in Sugiez, a little village in the canton of Fribourg. It is at the home of someone that I was supposed to have met a few years ago but did not. And through a strange coincidence of events, we finally got to meet and to make our acquaintance recently … and it felt like as if we have known each other for years!

I was lucky that the day was nice and sunny when I came to visit at her invitation … so that I was able to have a good view of the area on my arrival.

Beautiful garden

It was my first time to the area … and since I had arrived quite early … I was, therefore, able to take my time: I walked and explored the area as I made my way from the railway station to her home. The garden displayed above attracted my attention so that I ended doing a slight detour and I spent several minutes to admire and to take photos of this beautiful garden located in another street. I just love the wooden chalet-cum-letterbox (bottom right pic).


Later I also stopped to admire this beautiful set-up … which belongs to her neighbour across the street.

Garden Terrace

And this is the first of the gardens that I was referring to. It is not as large as the one at the parents’ at Lucinges … but it is big enough to grow a number of vegetables, herbs as well as fruit trees. Having a spacious terrace that can accommodate a long table for one to enjoy the bounty from the garden with others is a definite plus.


As it was still quite early in the spring season when these pictures were taken, there were, therefore, only very few plants growing in her potager garden at that time. But not anymore, I was told just a few days ago!

The second home garden has lots of potential and which is the reason why I would love to have one of my own.

Bridge knitting

It is in the city (and canton) of Solothurn … located right in the heart of its old town. To make my way from the railway station to the old town, I had to walk across this Wengi bridge … and, on that day, I saw a group of people busy stitching and covering the top of the bridge railing with colourful knitwear. I understood that it was a special community project and that the colourful knitwear would be left to cover the bridge railing for a month.

Despite many interesting subjects that I would have like to take snapshots of, it was not the best of day to do so because of the rain. So I chose not to take pictures of the old town and of the weekend market on that day,

Still … I could not resist snapping a few shots of this roof-top terrace garden in spite of the drizzle! 🙂


So nice … something that I have always adore – a roof-top terrace garden. It is so open … and yet quite private, too … because …


…  while we could see down towards the streets and be able to indulge in some people watching … however, they are unlikely to look up and watch us back, are they not? 🙂


Not many people out on the streets because of the rain … and because by this time, most shops are already closed on Saturday! When I first arrived in the late morning, the streets were alive with the weekly market scene.

Roof garden

Unfortunately, the owner of this roof-terrace garden is not into gardening, so the garden is left pretty much the way it is in the above picture. A pity really … to let this open space left unfilled and unused, apart from the occasional barbecuing and sitting at the table for some meals. I could just imagine growing some fruit trees (dwarf ones, of course!) on this garden, among the green vegetables, herbs and shrubs of small berries (which is not possible on our balcony due to the weight of the fruit trees) … if this had been mine. Alas, it is not … so I can only dream about it lah!

Still … I could always offer to help her fills up the space with some edible greens … maybe? 😀


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