Back in ‘Swissland’ …

The weeks certainly zoomed past quickly enough … and I am back at home … 3 days already! hmmmm …

Although I do miss my family and friends back in Singapore, I am also happy to be home as I am very eager to embark on another gardening adventure now that spring is here. Unfortunately, my warm sunny welcome home has been interspersed with some (light) snowfall as well. So I cannot do much on the balcony … just yet.

Well, there is still the sowing that needs to be done (I would already have done so if not for my home visit) … but as I also have some plants from last year’s gardening season … so I already have an early start to my balcony garden this year lah!

But today’s entry is not about my gardening adventure … so no gardening photos to share. It was just to say a quick hello to everyone who might be wondering when I would start sharing again.

However, as no sharing is complete without some photos, I thought I would share some photos of the alps that I managed to snap from the aeroplane as we were approaching Geneva. It reminded me of my first view of these mountains from the aeroplane when I first came to Europe … many many moons ago! 🙂

DSCN0032 A

I do not normally sit by the window … as I prefer being seated by the aisle. But I had the whole three seats next to the window all to myself on the second part of the flight home … so that it was hard to resist from taking a few shots of the alps as the plane was making its descend.

DSCN0044 A

There was not a lot of snow initially …

DSCN0048 A

… but the nearer we were approaching my adopted country, I could see more snow covering the tops of the mountains.

SAM_4852 A

The Swiss Alps in all their white glory …

SAM_4857 A

So beautiful. I could still remember my first impression of the alps on my first trip to Europe a long time ago. I had felt so small and so blessed to have been given the opportunity to see it with my own eyes … and not just from the television!

SAM_4866 A

Flying below the clouds and fast approaching Geneva airport.

SAM_4870 A

Almost there …

Jet d'Eau of Geneva as seen from the aeroplane, 24 March 2014… with the famous icon of Geneva in full sight … le Jet d’Eau. It was beautiful sunny when I arrived in the afternoon. But a few hours later, once home … I was given a nice snowy welcome as well! Awww … 🙂


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