My home visit …

The date of my departure is looming nearer and nearer. Soon, it will be time for me to bid my family and friends au revoir and then make my way home back to Lausanne. 

Prior to my departure, five weeks had seemed like a nice, looong stay … as, usually, I am back home for only two weeks or so … and I was pretty sure that I would find some time and the motivation to share a thing or two during my stay in Singapore. But the weeks have gone by in a flash … and, now, there is only a little more than a week left of my holidays, with not a single entry to my credit, despite the promise I had made to the hubby about writing a post. Shame on me!

Apart from the rounds of lunch and dinner meetings with friends and ex-colleagues … as well as going for appointments and doing shopping for stuff to bring home … I did not do any sight seeings. Which is to say … that there are no photos of interesting places in Singapore on this visit that I could share … and it is also the reason why I have not shared anything so far.

But since I hate sharing picture-less entries .. and to keep my word to the hubby that I would write something during my stay here … so instead … I shall just share some photos of the places I went to (even if they are not very interesting) lah! hehehe … 🙂

An example of such uninteresting places I took some photos of (for my own keepsake) … is my own place in Singapore … where I used to live before I moved to Switzerland.


I was a little nostalgic on this particular walk from the bus-stop (on the main road) to get to my place … as I do not always visit my place when I am back on home visits, and on the rare occasions when I do so …


I normally take this other path (as my place is situated almost at the half-way point between two bus stops).

SAM_4349 A

When I first moved here to live in my own place, I used to find it a hassle to have to walk a distance to the bus stop whenever I wanted to go out … especially, when it was raining heavily. After having grown up and lived in a flat which was located near bus stops and a MRT station, as well as all the conveniences like shops and markets …

SAM_4350 A

… it took some time for me to get used to living in a place where not only I had to walk for about 10 minutes to reach the nearest bus stops, but from which I would need to take a bus in order to get to the nearest MRT station or even to the nearest supermarket!

Gerald Drive

Yet I soon learnt to appreciate living in this quiet neighbourhood … lurving the sound of cocks crowing from the neighbouring village and the chirping of the birds just outside my bedroom windows … including the walk to get to and from the bus stops. Yes, even that! 🙂

SAM_4351 A

I used to enjoy looking at the fruit trees growing in the area as I made my way to the bus-stop and I was quite sad when one after another of the open spaces, including a huge private garden (on the right of the above picture behind the huge tree) with several durian trees, later gave way to clustered townhouses. 😦

SAM_4361 A

And on this visit, I was even more upset when I saw that one of the last private properties in the area with a big garden and some fruit trees, had finally given way to the construction of these two large bungalows … so that all the fruit trees which I used to admire from outside the fence are no longer there.  Arrgghh … !


The estate is currently undergoing some upgrading work … and although it is nice to see some of the improvements that have been made to area, especially the pedestrian footpaths and the stairs that lead to the main road and to the bus stop from this street, I find it a little disheartening to see the loss of green spaces that I used to enjoy when I first moved into the area. I saw the same loss of green spaces in many other parts of Singapore … the cost of wanting to increase the population size! 😦


That green area beside the canal (in the picture above) is where the last surviving kampung or village in mainland Singapore is located. Like many other Singaporeans, it is my hope that this little kampung will be left alone to continue its existence in modern Singapore.


The same could be said with this old factory, which is slowly being dwarfed by the high concrete jungle that surrounds it.

And so, this was the neighbourhood where I used to live before coming to join the hubby. It might not be as green as where I am living right now in Lausanne … but … it was close enough lah! 😀


5 thoughts on “My home visit …

  1. Kat tempat saya ni banyak ladang kelapa sawit dah bertukar kepada lot kedai dan taman perumahan, kenapa la agaknya tak ada ‘sesiapa’ yang dapat memikirkan cara untuk mengurangkan penggunaan tanah, misalnya bina bangunan/kediaman bertingkat yang dilengkapi dengan segala kemudahan dan dalam masa yang sama menjaga alam sekitar. Saya tertarik dengan tempat tinggal you di Swiss, walaupun moden masih lagi dilitupi kehijauan.

    ps. Dah dua hari Jasin dapat hujan, syukur alhamdulilah. Kat SG macamana?


  2. Sayang kan, kat mana-mana pun rasanya serupa, hutan asli bertukar menjadi hutan batu.!


  3. PS if this is the last kampung left in Singapore, I hope that Singaporeans will come to realise, i.e. before they flatten it, that it is a place worth preserving as part of Singapura/Singapore’s heritage.


  4. Yes, it must be very sad to see this island being turned into a concrete jungle. I have seen it happen myself in the 10 plus visits I have made to the Merlion city-state over the years. Poor Singapura, having to see your tropical soil covered almost on every single plot left with a 17 or 21 floor high block of flats. Although not as bad here in Switzerland, the same misguided forces are at work given that the population has increased by a million people since my teenage years and, at this rate, it will reach 10 million in twenty years from now. Of course, this entails a square metre of land being turned into concrete … every SECOND! Poor Singapura, poor Helvetia: always more riches, but at the expense of your natural environment.


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