Annual hibernation …

Every winter, without fail, I will be forced to hibernate … under the blanket … at least for a few days, if not more. No matter how many times I tell myself that this winter will be different … that I shall try to keep myself in the pink of health … I usually succumb to the annual bout of flu in winter.

So for the past two weeks, I have hardly stepped out of our flat … not even to the balcony to check on my plants in the greenhouse shelves. I went out very briefly on Sunday to pay a visit to the newly opened and renovated Olympic Museum, at the urge of the hubby (as I gave the impression that I had recovered … and the day was nice and sunny … and as entry to the museum was free until yesterday) … and I ended up having a relapse and so I had to stay indoor for the whole of this week! Shesssh …

Thankfully, I did not feel as sick as I had last winter (which took weeks for me to recover fully) … possibly because, this year, winter has been a little mild so far. There had not been any snowfall for many weeks … not until this morning … and even though it was cold outside, the temperature did not drop below freezing point. In fact, there were days when the temperature had even gone up to 16°C! I am sure these wide fluctuations in the temperature are precisely what is causing many people to fall sick … including myself.

Although I am still coughing and I have a little runny nose … thankfully, I no longer feel as weak as I did only a few days ago.  And since this morning we had our first snowfall this winter …  (not counting the ones that fell in autumn), … I decided that it was time that I would come out of my forced hibernation and start doing a bit of sharing lah!.

So this morning and afternoon, I finally decided to grace our balcony with my presence … so that I could snap some photos. 🙂


Finally, some snowfall … even if it was very light.


Yet enough to show a layer of white this morning … even though it did not last long.


A beautiful blue sky in the afternoon …


… and sunny enough to melt all the snow that had fallen in the morning.

And lest you think that I might be sad at how quickly the snow has disappeared … well, I am not! I am glad that it lasted just long enough for me to enjoy seeing it … so that I shall not be forced to stay indoor after having been cooped in for nearly two weeks!


The lake view early this morning as the day was breaking …. and when the moon was still very visible above Lake Geneva.

It was a perfect half moon this morning … so that I could not resist capturing the perfect shape of a half moon!

Hopefully, I shall not get another relapse for having stepped outside a few times today … because … I am really getting a little sick of hibernating indoor because I am sick!

Not a very good way to start 2014, is it not?


6 thoughts on “Annual hibernation …

  1. I am glad to hear that she is happy and doing well in her studies. And lucky you, dpt tour Jordan. Cakap pasal torture pasal cuaca yg sejuk, I masih ingat masa I visit Turkey in Dec many years ago. Memang excited sangat dpt rasa salji dan dapat tengok kecantikan semulajadi serta keindahan senibina zaman silam kat negara tu. Tapi tak boleh tahan dgn suhu yg rendah … especially my feet. Kat dalam bas pun kaki masih terasa sejuk amat sangat. Memang torture rasanya waktu itu.


  2. alhamdulillah amalina is happy in jordan. she passed her first sem with good results. we, ayuni n i were there for two weeks touring jordan with amalina who is on winter break. azmi is going to london, he did not join us. it was like 4 degree in most part of jordan while we were there, memang torture waktu tu.


  3. Waalaikumsalam Kak Maz, alhamdullilah I dah semakin sihat. Memang kalau terkena flu kat sini lambat sikit nak baik sebab cuaca yg tak menantu. Hari ni walau matahari terik tapi suhu tetap di bawah 2°C. Dan besok pula diramalkan salji turun. Tu yg kalau kita tak hati-hati, senang dapat relapse! You baru balik dari Jordan? Wah pasti seronok. Harap Amalina sihat dan happy belajar di sana.


  4. Salam Ros, terimakasih. Alhamdullilah, walau belum 100% sihat, sekurang-kurangnya I dah cergas bergerak. Baru-baru ni I pun ada juga terbaca kat FB yg suhu di beberapa kawasan di Malaysia agak sejuk. So pastikan yg you pakai baju tebal supaya tak akan terkena flu macam I. Cuaca sejuk ni memang kadang2 kita rasa seronok, sampai kita tak sedar yg kita akan mudah dapat sakit kalau terlalu terdedah kepada suhu yg rendah. Take care.


  5. as salam CT, semoga lebih sihat. ada hikmah bila kita sakit sekurang kurangnya hapus dosa. kak maz ingat u pergi cuti. you take care. we semua sihat di sini, baru balik visit amalini kat jordan.


  6. Salam Sity,
    Tepat sekali ramalan saya, you tak sihat…kesiannya. Harap you akan pulih sepenuhnya dan kembali menceriakan pembaca blog you kelak. Jaga kesihatan ya. Sekarang ni cuaca di tempat saya pun sejuk sangat. Tak pernah saya rasa sebegini sejuk sepanjang usia dah mencecah 40an ni.


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