Better late than not … Happy 2014 … !!

It is now nearly two weeks into the new year … and I must admit to feeling a little guilty at not having shared anything for the past few weeks. Not that I did not want to share anything … I took a number of photos thinking that I would share them … but the mood to write just refused to come lah!

In fact, the writing and sharing mood is still bent on hibernating for a while longer … but I am forcing it to move along a little. Because from past experience, if I were to stop sharing for too long … it would then become even harder to force the writing mood to come back altogether!

So for those of you who might be wondering what had been happening on my little corner of the world … well, I can honestly say … not much lah! 😀

Nothing much has been happening on the gardening front since we are currently in the middle of winter. Unlike last year, the winter season this year seems to be a little mild. To date, there has not been a single snowfall in Lausanne this winter … apart from the two that had fallen in late autumn. So there is no snowman or snow-woman gracing our balcony as yet!

But precisely because of the mild winter, a few of the strawberry plants are still flowering and fruiting even in January, the radish and pea seedlings are still surviving, even if they are not growing big, and the salad greens are surviving too … even if they are starting to bolt!

And sad to say … there has not been much on the travelling front, either! Apart from visiting the Christmas market in Montreux and then spending the Christmas holidays with the parents, we have not been anywhere. The hubby has been quite busy with work … working even through the New Year’s holiday, so we ended up staying home most of the time. Hopefully, once his work eases up, maybe we could go on a little excursion. Well, we shall see lah!

In the meantime, here are some of the photos which I had taken during the Christmas holidays at the parents’ which I had initially thought of writing (as separate entries) while I was there. However, as the writing mood is still a little recalcitrant … I am grouping them all into one entry and doing them mostly as a montage in order to save time!

Oh well … better some than none … and better late than not at all … I always like to say! 😀

White Boxing Day

Although it had rained for the whole day and night on Christmas Day … it was nice and white when we woke up at the parents’ on the second day of Christmas. The hubby was so excited and happy to see snow again … after having missed it for a few weeks! hehehe …


By afternoon, some of the snow was starting to melt from the bright sunshine … but what a lovely day it was! I could see the valleys and the snow-covered mountains quite clearly from the balcony outside our bedroom.


The following morning, while the hubby worked from the parents’ home … I accompanied the mum to the weekly market at Annemasse.

It was my first visit to this particular market … and before we proceeded to the section selling fresh produce … the mum and I spent a good half hour looking and browsing through some bonnets which were selling for only Euro 2.50 each! So inevitably, I added two more bonnets into my collection! hehehe …

Annemasse wetmarket

At the market, I bought some onions for myself whereas the mum bought some garlic. And we also bought fresh farm eggs … (no meat though, especially not the dead rabbits — or hares? — which I was a little shocked to discover being sold at the market) …

Fruits at wet markets

… as well as some vegetables and lots of fresh fruits: clementines, bananas, pomegranate, persimmons and lemons.


In the evening, the daddy-man took the mum and I for a quick drive up the hills near their home to enjoy some snowy scenery.


The daddy-man even kindly made a quick stop here so that I could go out to snap some photos. There were several cars parked here and a few children were enjoying some sledging on the slope. Unfortunately, they stopped as soon as we arrived as it was starting to get dark.


View of  Lac Léman (or Lake Geneva) and the Swiss side of the lake from the hill near the parents’ place.


Beautiful sunset as we were making our way back home.

And to end this first entry in 2014 … here’s wishing everyone a belated but Happy 2014! Have a good weekend! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Better late than not … Happy 2014 … !!

  1. ‘Dead rabbits or hares’: it is a fact of life that to be able to eat meat an animal must be killed. However, this tends to be obfuscated by the meat industry and the meat retailers as much as possible so as not to turn the consumer off from eating meat with the result that, in our industrialised meat producing and consuming societies, only parts of a dead animal are allowed to be displayed so as to prevent any feeling of identification with the dead animal. What is always hidden away is the suffering the animal has undergone to produce the meat consumed … For information purposes, it is estimated that a billion animals are killed only in France each year (out of fifty billion worldwide). This is why I am proud to have taken part in the first international veggie pride in Geneva in May 2013 []


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