Lausanne Christmas Midnight Run 2013 …

Christmas midnight Run 2013

Having given the Lausanne Christmas Midnight run a miss for the past two years, I decided to go and check out the event last Saturday … only because the hubby and his bestie were taking part in this year’s event.

And this time, instead of coming just for the hubby’s race which was the last one for the event and which would start at 11.30pm … I chose to leave home earlier so that I could take some snapshots of the earlier races, in particular the Father Christmas and Family race.

Thankfully, the night was not as cold as it had been three years ago so that I did not have to hide inside the big tent in order to keep warm … and I thus was able to take loads of photographs of the races to share here.


Arriving at the event venue, in front of Palais de Rumine (home to one of the favourite places of the hubby’s: the University and Cantonal Library), at place de la Riponne with the huge familiar Father Christmas figure.

Although I had hoped to be there in time to catch the flag off for the Father Christmas and Family race as well as the Christmas Walking race, I was late.


But not that late to catch most of the participants for these two events running and walking to the finish line. 🙂


Although not everybody was appropriately dressed for these two special races … there were many who were and some even went as far as to make it highly entertaining to watch. 😀

Christmas run

While most characters are quite familiar … some just boggled my mind!


Some lucky ones get to be carried (ps : the little one was happily sleeping while his ‘Father Christmas’ was walking away with him! 😀 ) …


… or pushed …


… or pulled instead of having to run or walk! 🙂

Christmas walking

Some of the more entertaining groups visually speaking.


It was nice to see so many families taking part in the Father Christmas and Family race despite the chilly weather. In fact, a new race for young children was introduced this year.

Runaway presents

Even some ‘presents’ decided to take part in the night run! 😀


Once the last of the participants had reached the finish line, I decided to walk around a little to snap photos of the event area while waiting for the next race.


I made my way up the steps of Palais de Rumine so that I could take some aerial shots.

Group shots

For many participants, it was photo taking time as they had completed their run.


The next group of runners doing some warm-up exercises led by a team of physical fitness instructor on the stage.


Aerial shot of the start line.


And then the next race was ready to begin.

Midnight run, short course

It was difficult to get nice clear shots of the participants as they started their run because of the lack of light and the speed of the movement. Many of my shots turned out quite blurry.

Christmas lights

Once the last of the participants had left, I decided to take a little walk through the old town to check out the Christmas lighting.


However, when I saw participants running past me through the old town, I changed course and started snapping away at the participants instead.

As you will see from the rest of the photos (and as I had mentioned a few times in my old entries on Lausanne) … walking or running through the old town of Lausanne involves a lot of going uphill and downhill!


Midnight run







Back uphill to head to the finish line. In this particular race, participants ran a distance of 2.5km through the old town. The hubby and his bestie chose to take part in the longer race (7.5km) in which they had to run through the old town three times.


After meeting up with the hubby, we then headed into this huge tent to keep warm while waiting for hubby’s race to begin.


The crowds starting to build up again in anticipation for the last race of the night.

Ready to run

We met up with the hubby’s bestie at the start line.  Another of hubby’s old friend had come from Geneva to cheer them on.


It was really a beautiful night for the Christmas Midnight Run as the moon was shining brightly and clearly up in the sky.

Midnight race

And then off they went … participants (including the hubby in the top two pictures) running the last race for the night just before midnight.


I tried my best to snap photos of the hubby and his bestie while they ran their rounds through the old town … but it was difficult to get any clear shot. This was the best that I could get of the hubby.


Given the lateness of the hour, most of the Christmas lights above the streets of the old town had been switched off by this time, which was really a pity … and which made it even harder to snap photos of the race with my small digital camera! Most of the pictures that I took for this last race turned out dark or fuzzy as a result of the lack of light! Haizzz …


Two ‘Christmas presents’ which I had spotted before the start of the race happily running together. 🙂


Instead of flying or crawling, two superheroes were spotted running in the Lausanne Christmas Midnight run. 🙂

Hubby and Jan

A little dark and fuzzy montage of the hubby (bottom) and his bestie, Jan (top) as they were running the last stretch of their race.


It was only after they had finished that I realised that I should have waited for them here, near the finish line, where it was brighter … so that I would have been able to get a better shot of them!


Oh well … fuzzy or not, at least they have some pictures of them running the 8th edition of the Lausanne Christmas Midnight run lah! 😀

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2 thoughts on “Lausanne Christmas Midnight Run 2013 …

  1. Est-ce que cela a-t-il tout de même produit chez toi un processus semblable à la madeleine chez Proust (même minime) ? Si oui, je suppose que cela aura justifié l’effort de mettre pareilles photos en ligne 😉


  2. Les photos sont un peu sombres mais avec les bonnets de père noel ca ramène dans les tons plus joyeux


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