Mist-shrouded December …


Finally, I was able to see Lake Geneva very clearly today … after one and a half day of continuous rain which seems to have finally chased the mist away!

December has been a very misty month. Although the strength and intensity of the mist might vary from day to day, it would make its appearance almost everyday without fail.

And on some days, the mist would even continue right into the night. I have not been able to see much of Lake Geneva especially during these recent weeks as the lake was often shrouded in mist.

So for those who have been missing my sharing for the past one and a half week, here are some photos of the mist on different dates.


One of those days when the thick mist continued right into the night.


Instead of darkness … the night was fuzzy grey.


And one of those days when it could have been a wonderfully sunny autumn day … if not for the thick mist!


I could see the strong glare of the sun being muted by the thick mist. And because of this … which helps to keep the temperature low … the remnant of snow on the ground still had not fully melted.


Looked almost kind of eerie, did it not? 😀


I must say that it had felt a bit weird to be experiencing such thick mist with the sunshine in full blast. The sunshine was strong enough to create shadows on the balcony despite the thick mist.


Normally when it is misty, the sky tends to be grey … but this was not the case during some of the misty days in recent weeks.


The mist subsided in the evening on the same day (Monday, 16th December) … but continued to hover above Lake Geneva at night.


Jutting out above the thick mist with billowing fumes coming out of it is the top of a chimney pipe of  ‘Usine de Pierre de Plan’, a plant for generating heating and electricity mostly from urban waste.


And the lake scene remained pretty much the same the next morning.


The lake was not visible … and not much of the high buildings and trees nearer to the lake could be seen either.


In the meantime, the fumes from the chimney pipe of ‘Usine de Pierre de Plan have become almost a fixture of our balcony view … (for some strange reason that must have to do with the air they seem to be more visible late in autumn and winter) … which has made the hubby a little worried about the possible air pollution resulting from it.


The intensity of the mist fluctuated throughout that day … sometimes gaining in strength and at other times becoming weaker.


However, I must say that I like it when the whole area looks like this. Sooo pretty and mysterious!! 🙂


Another sunny day in autumn shrouded in mist.


A beautiful and mysterious mist … which I am very thankful to have been very fortunate to see and experience. 🙂


Some leftover snow from three weeks ago can still be seen on the ground … and which, until today, has not fully melted despite the one and a half day of non-stop rain.

As no impending snowfall is forecast for the coming week, it is highly likely that just like last year, it will not be a white Christmas this year. Unless, we were to decide at the last minute to go somewhere where there is plenty of snow as we did two years ago for the Christmas holiday! But since the hubby’s brother and sister will not be around for Christmas, so I suppose the two of us shall have to go and celebrate the festive occasion at the parents lah!

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