Lake Machilly revisit …

It was such a beautifully sunny day yesterday that the mum suggested going on a little walk around Lake Machilly … before they would send us to Geneva to take the train home back to Lausanne. We were, of course, more than happy to oblige.

So after almost a year, I was back at Lake Machilly … doing another little walk around the lake with the parents! 🙂


The start point of the walk around Lake Machilly, which is located not far from the French-Swiss border.


Unlike last year when there was a lot of snow, there was hardly any this year … except for some sleet.


Contemporary art displays in and around the lake.


We spotted this group of ducks on the nearly frozen lake … and wondered whether they were real or not.


Why did we think so? Because they did not move at all … except for one of them, but only a few minutes later. I tried to stay for as long as I could, hoping that a few other ducks would move so that I would know that they were okay …


… but in the end, I decided to move on to join the hubby and the parents. I just hope that they had chosen to remain immobile and were not actually frozen!


Making our way slowly around the lake.


As usual, I was always the last in line …


… being the ‘self-appointed photographer’ during any outing! 😀


Reaching the half-way point of the lake.


Another group of ducks … and this time, definitely not frozen …


… as they were walking about … and at time almost slipping … on the nearly frozen Lake Machilly. I just love how the combination of the strong glare of the evening sun and the shiny frozen lake created a beautiful golden reflection of the ducks on the lake surface. 🙂


There was certainly quite a number of these beautiful ducks walking on the frozen lake.


Lake Machilly … as seen from the opposite side from where we had come.


As the sun was about to set when we were starting our walk around the lake, … the lighting in the area slowly began to change as we walked.


Some broken ice pieces scattered on the frozen lake.

Upside down school

Another display … an upside down mini school ‘stuck’ on a tree!


And another. Initially … as I was walking towards it, I had thought that this was just a fallen tree by the lakeside.


But upon closer inspection, I realised that it was another exhibit using a real tree! Interesting.


The daddy-man and the mum … walking ahead of us as we had stopped to check out and to take snapshots of the ‘fallen tree’.


The lakeshore and the hills behind, taking a reddish hue … as a result of the evening sun.


Looking back towards where the ‘fallen tree’ exhibit was located.


And finally, reaching the start point of our walk and heading for the carpark nearby. By this time, with the sun slowly disappearing … it had started to become very cold. So I was really glad to be heading back to the car.

However, … I cannot help but wonder whether it will not be another year before I shall be walking around this lake again! 😉

Last year entry on my visit to Lake Machilly:


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