Unexpected treats from across Lake Geneva …

Last week I took the boat across Lake Geneva to go and visit my friend who lives in an area not far from Evian. I had assumed that she would come and then drive us straight to her place … but, instead, she took me on a small shopping trip … and I came home a very happy woman! 😀


It was a beautifully sunny morning when I made my way to the jetty to board the ‘Henry-Dunant’ (named in honour of the Genevese founder of the Red Cross) at Ouchy.


However, the same could not be said on the French side of the lake. We were halfway through the boat ride when I looked up from reading on my iPad and I realised that I could not see the French shoreline at all due to the mist … so that it felt as if we were out on the sea instead of a lake! 🙂


Approaching the grey shoreline of Evian-les-bains about half an hour later.

Once we were in her car, my friend asked me if I would mind going on a little shopping trip with her before going to her place. I was not expecting to do any shopping that day and so did not bring many euros with me … however, which woman would say NO to a shopping trip, right? 😀

I was able to refrain from buying anything at the first supermarket that we went to. But at the second and a much larger supermarket … it was hard not to part with the little money in the way of euros that I brought with me when I saw some of the things that were available in that store.


No, I did not buy any of these pumpkins … but I decided to take some snapshots as I found them very interesting. The ones on the left which are full of ‘warts’ is a French winter squash called Galeux d’Eysines whereas the ones on the right wearing a turban are called Bonnet de Giraumon. They might look a little unusual but they are supposed to taste quite good in soups and pies! 🙂


And then my friend spotted these familiar mushrooms and pointed them out to me. After checking out the price of these Trumpets of death (trompettes de la mort), it made up for all the hours that I spent cleaning and drying the nearly 3 kilos of these mushrooms seemed justified. This packet weighing 250g cost 19.96 Euros!

Fortunately for my friend, I had brought some for her to try! 😀


I was just coming along to accompany her while she was shopping for some fruit and vegetables but when I saw how well-stocked this supermarket was with a lot of stuff from back home in Southeast Asia … it was really hard not to buy anything here!

Hmmm … what a temptation when I did not have many euros in my purse!! pffff … 😦


That sugarcanes were tempting … but since I can get canned sugarcane juice from the Asian shop in Lausanne, I decided to give them a miss.

Tropical fruits

And then I saw the soursops and longans. Hmmm … I had to think very, very hard as to whether I should get these two, especially the soursops … but in the end I resisted.


Although the supermarkets in Lausanne do carry some Asian fresh produce, their selection is very limited. I would normally have to go to the Asian shops in order to find some of these stuff.

So I was really surprised to find all these Asian delights in this supermarket including some that are not even found in the Asian market in town!


Tapiocas and yams … quite irresistible. But still … I persevered. Not only because I did not have much money in euros … but also as I did not want to have to carry home a heavy bag full of stuff.


And then I saw these … tapioca leaves and shoots. I had been wanting to eat these shoots for quite some time … as I have not had these for many years … and since they are also quite light, I decided that I could part with my euros for these.

However,  since I still had some Euros to spare … and after checking out the prices of various items … I decided that I could afford to get a few other stuff while I was there.


So these were my sweet treats from that supermarket. The tapioca leaves were a little too much for me … and it was also more leaves than young shoots … but beggars cannot be choosy lah!

Pucuk ubi

At least I got to satisfy my craving … and that is what matters! 😀

And since I still had some more euros to spare, I also decided to get something else.


I decided to get some of these huge Italian chestnuts as well. I had roasted all the chestnuts that I had foraged from Bouveret … (although I had not used all the chestnut flours and purée that I had made) … but being a kiasu, it was hard to resist from getting more of these chestnuts so that I can make more flour while the season is still on! hehehe … 😀  [As an aside, they do not taste as nice as the ones we had found ourselves; promised, it is not psychological: it is what both my and the hubby’s palates say!]

And since we shall be going to the daddy-man’s birthday this evening, I have decided to bake him a chestnut cake (instead of the vermicelles which the hubby had initially suggested) from a delicious recipe that I found on the Internet.


4 thoughts on “Unexpected treats from across Lake Geneva …

  1. Salam Kak Maz, lauk lemak tu 95% I bedal sorang sampai habis! hehehe … Dan telur asin tu I buat sendiri, sedap dan kena pulak dengan kuah kari dengan pucuk ubi. Dapat makan 2 kal, alhandullilah!
    Kalau betul nak rasa pukulan trumpet kematian … check out your mail in the coming weeks. I rasa tahun ni, Santarina akan visit PJ to deliver somethinglah! … 😀


  2. As salam CT, lauk lemak nampak sedap sangat. lebih canggih pasar u, pasar kita tak ada trumpet of death.
    Teringin nak rasa trumpet of death tuuuu….
    Hope you and Paul are well. have a good weekend. .


  3. Salam Kak Arina, I pakai santan kotak. Kat sini we can get santan kotak quite easily. Nak parut sendiri tak larat walaupun boleh beli kelapa dari supermarket! hehehe …


  4. As Salam Siti, are using milk or santan for your masak lemak pucuk ubi tu? Looks yummy….It’s been quite sometime kakak tak masak pucuk ubi tu….


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