The mist that refused to go away …

I woke up this morning and I was greeted by a thick mist outside the bedroom window. It might not be the first misty morning that we had had this week … but, today, the mist seemed to be staying on for quite sometime … in particular on Lake Geneva.

So … as I had not been sharing anything for the past one week, I decided that I would share some photos of the mist that I had taken earlier today.


The mist that enveloped our area this morning.  We had another snowfall last Saturday morning which, … although it was not as heavy and, it did not last as long as the earlier snowfall about two weeks ago … it remains until today because of the constant low temperature. 


The morning sun tried very hard to pierce through the thick mist … but failed miserably. The mist finally disappeared in very late morning … and we had another nice sunny afternoon today.


But not warm enough to melt the snow fully.


Although the mist had totally cleared off from the hill … it remained above Lake Geneva. And with the evening sun shining on it … it looked quite pretty from our flat!


Close-up of the area nearer to the lake shore covered in light mist … with the lake totally obscured from view.


When the sun was setting.


A close up shot.


And the mist … which could still be seen very clearly even when it was already night!


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