Balcony garden in November … leaving it a little too late …

My poor plants. My poor, poor, poor plants … on the balcony.

Despite the sunshine for the past 2-3 days, the temperature has been quite cold … especially today. It was very sunny today … but at its hottest in the middle of the afternoon, the temperature would read only 1°C.  Very misleading … the bright sunshine in winter … or, in this case, in late autumn!

After having checked the temperature this morning and seen that it was minus 3°C, the hubby suggested that I ought to go out and check on my babies on the balcony … to make sure that they were okay.

SAM_2204 A

Basically, anything that was still in liquid form yesterday was frozen solid this morning. Even the soil (which contains some moisture) was frozen to the touch!

And despite their winter clothing of bubble wrappers … a few of my plants are suffering in silent. I should have added another layer of cover on them … or at least brought inside those that love the heat … but as they had been looking well enough only two days ago, I had thought that I would be able to leave them outside a while longer. Unfortunately … I think I have left them outside a little too late … oooh dear. 😦


My poor radish seedlings were covered in frost especially around their edges this morning. I doubt that my radish seedlings will survive much longer in this freezing autumn weather.


And the strawberry plants inside this greenhouse shelf … which had remained closed yesterday afternoon and the whole of today … were not spared either.


Well, the plants were okay … but the strawberries themselves were very hard when I touched them … as if they were frozen!  I suppose they were indeed frozen last night as the temperature must have dipped even lower than the minus 3°C of this morning. Unfortunately, there are too many of them for me to bring inside the house … so they will just have to take their chances outside inside the greenhouse shelf lah!


My only regret was not to have brought inside this Caloro pepper plant earlier … when it was still healthy. The dip in temperature last night was too much for it … so that this morning when I peered inside the protective cover, I saw that all the leaves had changed to a darker shade of green and were looking a little limp.

I quickly brought it inside … but I think it was a little too late.


By afternoon, all the leaves were drooping lifelessly … and so were many of the buds. Haizzz … if only I had brought it inside a day or two earlier before this dip in the temperature …


… then I might not have lost all these chilli peppers that had been forming nicely for the past 2-3 weeks. Argggh … what a waste!! 😦


Thankfully, I had brought inside this ground cherry plant a few days ago. Although I did lose a few flowers and newly formed fruits for not having brought them inside early enough … thankfully, it was not too late to salvage the rest of the plant, which is fruiting right now.


Anyway, as damage control from possible further loss of my babies … I added an extra layer of cover on most of the plants that are still okay …


… and even wrap some sheets around some of the pots to help keep the soil warm! I wish that I was able to bring all of them inside … but, as this is not possible, I can only try my best to keep my babies warm. Hopefully, it will work!

On a happier note … after having attended to my babies outside, I decided to make some chestnut dessert which the hubby had been asking me to do.


Okay, these are not quite the dessert that he was asking for … but they are close enough. He had asked for vermicelles (a noodle-like dessert made from chestnut purée) … but as the chestnut purée that I had made was a little too soft to be pressed into noodle, I decided that this would do lah!  The chocolate powder on top was just something that I decided to add as an afterthought.

Anyway, he liked them well enough to suggest that I could make them for the upcoming daddy-man’s birthday! So I guess I did not do too badly! hehehe … 😀

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2 thoughts on “Balcony garden in November … leaving it a little too late …

  1. Salam Ros,
    Memang dah tak boleh diselamatkan lagi pokok cili tu. Baru nak berbunga dan berbuah dah terkena suhu paras beku. Haizzz … sedih sekali sebab lama betul pokok cili tu baru nak berbunga. Tapi berkebun di negara 4 iklim ni memang macam ni lah, apa nak buat. Kesiannya, semaian you selalu kena usik binatang liar. Nampaknya kita berdua kena banyak sabar dalam berkebun!


  2. Salam Sity,

    Nampak gayanya macam susah nak pulih pokok cili tu. Kat sini tak da gangguan perubahan cuaca, binatang yang tak bertuan sering singgah dan kadangkala memusnahkan tanaman. Semalam, balik dari kerja saya check semaian tomatilo dan chive, sayangnya pasu semaian tomatilo dah terbalik dan tak dapat diselamatkan, tak tahu angkara siapa…kucing, monyet ataupun beruk….frust betul.


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