Balcony garden in November … when the sun is out …

It was nice and sunny today. It was not very warm, as the highest temperature in the middle of the afternoon was about 6°C … but … it was sunny enough for me to catch up with some tidying work on the balcony. And since I was at it, I decided to do some harvesting as well. 😀


Not a trace of snow on the open space below our balcony … nor in the surrounding open fields. Looking at this picture, one would have never guessed that, just two days ago, the whole area was covered in snow!

Greenhouse shelves

With such beautiful sunshine, I was sure that my babies inside the two greenhouse shelves would appreciate a breath of fresh air after having been cooped up for a few days. And, it was also the perfect time to do some rearranging of the pots inside the greenhouse shelves so as to accommodate a few more! 🙂


A few strawberries had dried up … and so I decided to pop into my mouth those that looked ripe enough! The white strawberries were very sweet. If only I had had more of them!

SAM_2139 A

Some salad greens that are nearing their end.


But I still have a few leftover seedlings to try and grow over winter … as well as this small pot to provide some fresh leaves when I need some. Not much, I know … but they should be enough to be added into our favourite egg-veggie burger lah! hehehe …


There is also this pea shoots. I have decided that I would try to grow pea shoots over this winter to provide me with some fresh greens.


In fact, I even sowed some Tom Thumb peas in late summer … just to see whether I could get them to grow and bear some pea pods before and during winter. They have sprouted and they are growing … but just not as fast as they did in spring and early summer. So it is highly unlikely that I will get to have any fresh peas during winter lah! But, at least, I have tried. 🙂


My ‘Red Florence’ onions took quite sometime to grow this big. Fortunately, they have survived the recent heavy snowfall, so that I should be able to taste them!


And the Swiss chards which have survived being buried under the snow for nearly 3 days. They have not been doing as well this year as they did last year … having remained small for the whole of summer. However, at least, they have a long life … and I know that they can last right through winter if I can provide them with some protection against snowfall!

And then the harvests …


First thing I did was to harvest some tomatillos. I am still a little disappointed that they are not purple tomatillos (which was what I had requested for when I placed my order through the Internet) … but, at least, I succeeded in getting the seeds to grow into plants and then for the plants to bear me some tomatillos … on my very first attempt! So I am thankful for this. 🙂


And then, I harvested some carrots … round ones, stumpy ones and purple ones. Not a lot … but just so that I can have some fresh carrots.


I left the rest to continue growing … and hopefully they will grow bigger! By the way, I collected quite a lot of carrot seeds this year, unintentionally … but I shall share a bit more of that in a separate entry lah!


One of the purple carrots that I harvested this afternoon. It looks more like a trident than a carrot! hehehe …

And those two white containers in the background with plastic covers on them …


… I have radish seedlings sprouting inside them. I left it a little too late sowing some radish seeds (sowing them in October when I should have done so in September) … but since they have sprouted, I decided to leave them be. Hopefully, with some protection from falling snow, they will continue to grow … albeit, very, very slowly lah! We shall see …


And then, it was the moment of truth for these dying sweet potato plants. It was a big mistake on my part to have tried to grow them in the same containers as the three sunflower plants. The sunflowers grew very big … and from the size of them, I had guessed that their roots would be taking up most of the precious soil space at the expense of the sweet potato root growths.

Unlike last year, when the sweet potato plants grew to a reasonable size despite having been planted quite late in the season … this year, the sweet potato plants remained small and stunted. There were not even enough leaves for me to harvest so that I could cook them!


And this is the miserable result! All those months of waiting … and only this to show for my effort! Haizzz …

Okay, at least I now know better than to try to do the same for next year!  After all … gardening is all about experimenting. Some experiments have turned out very well, some only moderately well … and some … have been a complete and total failure!! Oh well … I grow and learn! hehehe …


And so, these are my small harvests for today. Not much … but still a blessing, especially at this time of the year! 😀

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