Balcony garden in November … after the snowfall …

This morning we had another snowfall. But, thankfully, it did not last very long … just long enough to blanket the area with some fresh snow. By late morning, beautiful sunshine started making its appearance … and slowly but surely the snow started to melt.

But the snow is not going to go away anytime soon … because … more snowfall is to be expected tomorrow. So … no tidying of the balcony just yet!

Despite my worry for the plants on our balcony, … most of them that were hit by the snowfall seemed to be doing well enough. At least … they had managed to survive the snowfall for the past two mornings … and hopefully, they will survive the expected snowfall tomorrow, too.


What a beauuuutiful morning to wake up to … all white and pretty. I felt sooo blessed for having been given the opportunity to enjoy such beauty once again. 😀


And from where we are, the city centre below looked almost ethereal this morning.


These birds perched high up on a big tree opposite our balcony must have had a magnificent ‘bird’s eye’ view of Lausanne all covered in snow this morning.


The state of our balcony this morning … with fresh snow that had fallen just a few hours earlier.

Protective wraps

Thankfully, I had managed to cover some of the plants that were hit by snow during yesterday’s snowfall. And it seemed that the cover had done a very good job of protecting them … as they appeared to be well enough when I peered under the cover late this afternoon. What a relief!


Even this Caloro pepper plant seemed not to be too affected by the freezing weather and the snowfall.


And those two tall plants covered in bubble wraps … they are the tomatillo and ground cherry plants. Despite being hit hard by falling snow …


… these tomatillo plants (there are two plants in one pot) had appeared to be coping well enough. They might not be thriving … but, at least, they are not lifeless!

Ground cherry

As for this ground cherry plant … it happily continues to flower. Nice! 😀

But I think what amazed me most … were those plants that I had had to leave to bear the brunt of Mr Snow.

Surviving snowfall

The siow pai-tsai greens (top pictures) which I had not expected to survive after being buried under the snow … were looking green and healthy! The same goes with the colourful chards (bottom pictures) …


… as well as these sunflowers. I had thought the flowers were doomed after being subjected to heavy snowfall … but once the sun started to melt the snow away … I could see the flowers starting to perk up once again. So … there is still some life to my sunflowers even in this wintry weather! 😀


Unfortunately, there are some casualties … like these sweet potato plants. The leaves are severely burnt by the freezing weather and the snowfall … and I have no idea what I will see once I started digging them out! I will have to wait for the weather to warm up a little before I start doing so.


But a least … my strawberries are safely ensconced inside the greenhouse shelves … so that I shall still be able to enjoy some fresh strawberries in the midst of wintry weather! hehehe … 😀

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