Let it snow, let it snow … not …!

After several forecasts of possible snowfall for the past 2-3 weeks … Mr Snow finally came to visit very early this morning. And he certainly came in a big way. Not just little snowflakes … but a real snowfall which lasted for a few hours!

Naturally, everybody … especially children … were sooo excited with his maiden visit. Even the hubby was very excited … as he promptly went out to the woods of Sauvabelin during his mid-day break to enjoy a run on the snow. 😀

Except maybe … me?

Well … I do love snowfall, especially when I do not have to go out and I am able to enjoy it from the comfort of our home … BUT … my work on the balcony is still not finished lah! Haizzz …

Of course, I have only myself to blame … as I had stopped working on the balcony after the earlier forecasts of possible snowfall did not happen. Instead, I was caught up with the excitement of doing my very first mushroom hunt with the daddy-man … and subsequently got stuck with the boring tasks of cleaning and drying the basketful of mushrooms which took several days! 😦

So … I totally forgot to check the méteo for when Mr Snow might make his grand appearance. Actually, I had also been hoping for a few warm and sunny days for me to start working again on the balcony before welcoming Mr Snow … but, obviously, he could no longer wait to come and pay us a visit!

SAM_1996 A

So I woke up this morning to this beautiful winter scene outside our bedroom window.

SAM_1997 A

It cannot be denied that all this white snow certainly made the whole area looked very different.


Indeed, the place suddenly looked so much lovelier than it was just a day earlier!


But this was not the scene that I had hoped to see … not anytime soon. Not until I have done whatever that I needed to do.


My poor babies … at least, those that I had not found the time to protect them from Mr Snow.


I had done some tidying … but as the weather had turned chilly and a little wet, it was not possible to spend as much time as I would have liked on the balcony.

First snowfall,

And now … they are all covered in snow! I can only hope that the snow will not last long … and that some sunny days will return for me to finish my work on the balcony!

For now … there is not much that I can do … except to try and enjoy the wintry scene.


The tower and the woods of Sauvabelin covered in snow … as seen from our bedroom window.


And our flat and the area surrounding it covered in snow … as seen from the tower of Sauvabelin (photo taken by the hubby who had decided to go for a run in the woods and who had gone up the tower to enjoy the view). Our flat is the orange building right in the middle of the picture with a crane behind it.


This picture was taken when the snowfall had finally stopped in the afternoon and Lake Geneva became visible again.


It is definitely nice to be able to see and enjoy the snow again … especially on a nice clear day like today. If only it had come a week later after I have finished tidying our balcony and sorting out my plants.


A close-up of the lake area in the afternoon.


And later when it started to turn dark.


Some snowfall is to be expected tomorrow morning … which would mean that I should not be able to work on my balcony anytime soon.  Errr … except maybe … to try to make our (first) little snowman for this winter season perhaps? 😀

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