Weekend at the parents’ …

It had been quite sometime since the hubby and I last visited the parents. So over the weekend, as the hubby’s bestie was keen to pay a visit to the parents, … we decided that we would come along with him.

The weather was generally wet and chilly on Sunday. But, fortunately, there were some bursts of sunshine in between the rain … so that I was able to go and check out their garden!

Err … actually, I was hoping to gather some rose hips from the mum’s many rose bushes  in their garden … but I was not in luck. There were hardly any to be found … at least not big and reddish ones. Most of the hips were still green or the few that were red were just  too tiny to make it worth the effort of picking them.

It would seem that I shall have to come again when the bigger hips will have ripened … if I want to collect rose hips from the parents’ garden!


Before going to the parents … we first made a stop at these vineyards which was located on the outskirt of the canton of Geneva, at Peissy.

The area was quite pretty and the colours of the leaves on the vines were lovely. If only we had arrived much earlier when it was still bright, it would have been possible to get some very nice shots of the area. Unfortunately, as the daylight hours is now much reduced, it was starting to become dark when we arrived at these vineyards.


As a result, all the photos that I took of the area turned out a little on the dark side! What a pity. :-(This shot shows the mountains bordering the other end of the canton of Geneva with Salève on the right and Voirons on the far left (at the foot of which the parents live), both of which are located in France.


We had stopped here as the hubby’s bestie wanted to buy some wines from a local wine-maker. At this time of the year, many small and private wine-makers will hold wine-tasting open house where visitors could taste the wines produced by these wine-makers, for free … and then buy the wines directly from them. However, this area was also celebrating the 1,100th wine harvest as the first vines had been planted there in 912.


We did not stop for too long as we did not want to arrive too late at the parents’. Still … it was long enough for me to spot and then pick some rose hips that I saw growing not far from the wine-tasting tent! 🙂

And it was a lucky thing that I had picked some from here … because there were no rose hips that I could pick from the parents’ garden!


I knew it was bad news … as far as my rose hips picking intention was concerned … when I saw that there were still quite a lot of roses in their garden when I woke up the next morning.


And true enough, … many of the rose hips that I saw during my walk around the garden were still very much green and not yet ready for picking.

Although I was a little disappointed (only very little lah … since I had managed to pick some on our way to the parents! :)), I must admit that it was also nice to be able to admire the roses that were still blooming in the parents’ garden.







In fact, some of the rose bushes were spotting a lot of buds. But the roses were not the only plants that are still growing and flowering nicely close to mid-autumn.

Although their leaves might not be as big as they had been in spring and summer, the mum’s nasturtiums were still thriving, too. They definitely looked much healthier than the ones on our balcony … and their flowers added a beautiful dash of colour to the salads during lunch!

Side garden

The side garden might look quite bare but I did spot several primroses … as if to show that this side of the garden was still in business! 🙂


Hubby’s bestie decided to show the parents’ copse to his two daughters.


Compared with the neighbour’s side of the copse (on the left), you can see that the daddy-man really keeps his side of the copse very neat and tidy.


The girls seemed to have enjoyed walking in the copse. Too bad that the day was quite cold and by this time, the sun had disappeared and it had started to rain again. So they quickly made their way up to go back to the house.


Despite the drizzle, I continued to stay a little longer down in the copse in order to snap a few photos … and in the process, I made some new discovery of the plants in the parents’ copse. I noticed that there was a small hawthorn tree growing on the slope (bottom left pic) …

… and was also surprised to learn that there were at least two hazelnut trees growing beside the small stream, in addition to the one I had spotted earlier growing beside the wall in the side garden. Hmmm … I cannot believe that I had overlooked these hazelnut trees before!


And this plant here … if I am right in my identification of the plant … might possibly be a cut-leaf blackberry plant. I hope I am right … but I suppose I will know for sure when it starts to flower and fruit … which hopelly will be next spring and summer!



4 thoughts on “Weekend at the parents’ …

  1. Kiriman you sampai semalam (at least, itu yang I terdengar masa si Paul telefon mak dia malam semalam). So, it was just nice lah! Insyaallah, I akan ambil gambar dan share. Terimakasih kerana mengirimkan present untuk mak mentua I, ye? 🙂


  2. Hehehe…thank you atas pujian you tu.. Kebetulan saya ada kirimkan sesuatu kepadanya. Waktu nak pos tu saya harap sangat ia akan tiba tepat pada tarikh birthday nya…. Nanti share gambar makanan ya..!


  3. Wow, you have a good memory! Yes, besok birthday mak mentua I dan pak mentua I dah cakap yg dia akan sediakan ‘chinese fondue’ untuk makan malam esok. Chinese fondue tu macam steamboat kat Sg/M’sia … cuma instead of sambal cecah, kat sini mereka gunakan macam-macam sos seperti tartar, thousand island, etc …


  4. Sehari dua lagi hari birthday mak mertua you kan? Mesti ada acara makan-makan……hehehe…nak tengok juadah yang menyelerakan bakal dihidang.


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