Reconnoitring the forest at Mauvernay …

Last Sunday, when the hubby went for his run at the forest near Mauvernay at Chalet-à-Gobet, I decided that I would go with him. Not to run with him … but only to do a little reconnoitring of the forest, in anticipation of the foraging that I was going to do with an old friend of the hubby’s a few days later. We were going to forage for mushrooms in that forest … yeayyy! 🙂

Unfortunately, last Sunday was not the best of day to be doing so … because it started to drizzle as we were making our way there … and then it rained while we were in the forest … argggh! 😦


The afternoon was sunny enough … which was why I decided to go for that reconnoitring walk.


Seeing as how beautiful the colours at Mont Sauvabelin was when highlighted by the burst of sunshine that afternoon, both the hubby and I had looked forward to our visit to the forest at Mauvernay — for him, so as to be able to enjoy the beautiful autumn colours there while doing his run; and for me, for the possibility that I might find something edible that I could bring home! 😀


But it started to rain a little as we were making our way towards Mauvernay … and neither of us had brought an umbrella or a raincoat. However, since we were already there … we decided to go ahead with our own separate itineraries as per planned.


While the hubby went off to run on the other side of the forest, I made my way towards this side … hoping to spot any mushrooms that could possibly be edible … especially the bolete mushrooms (or bolet as it is known here)!


Some parts of the path were terribly muddy and full of leaf litter. As you can see here, a number of trees have already started to become bare as we approached the middle of autumn.


Come winter, this green plain of Mauvernay will turn white … and the whole area will be filled during the weekends with adults and especially children, doing sledging, skiing, etc …


But for the moment … some cows were enjoying the green grasses on the plain … while they could still do so.


Unlike the little forest in Sauvabelin which is more deciduous, there are huge stretches at Mauvernay that consists of mainly coniferous forest. And since these trees do not shed their leaves, the forest floor was pretty clean with some areas covered by a spread of green moss.


During my walk, I stumbled across these three young ones having a lot of fun … lying on the muddy floor … while their father captured their antics on video! Unbelievable … but at the same time, I was pleased that their father had encouraged the children to enjoy nature in whatever state it was in 🙂


Blackberry plants or brambles as they are sometimes called, stretched all over the forest floor. Too bad that their season was already over. Next year, I must try to remember to go and collect lots of free blackberries from the forest!


It might be a wet and chilly afternoon in the forest … but there were people doing their runs (apart from the hubby), riding horses, walking their dogs, playing in the mud … and even foraging! 🙂

So, did I find my mushrooms … or anything else that was edible that wet afternoon?


Well, I managed to see some mushrooms that I had not seen during my forage in the woods at Sauvabelin, such as the ones above. The ones on the left looked like empty shells of some eggs while the ones on the right looked like a black coral.


There were plenty of the black coral-like mushrooms growing on the moss-covered floor of the coniferous forest but most of them were just like the ones above … loose and scattered.


A few more photos of the mushrooms that I saw that afternoon … including the coral fungus on the top right picture. The mushrooms on the bottom right picture were very, very small and they covered the moss-covered floor of the forest almost like little daisies.

However … no mushrooms that looked like a bolet, to me! And neither did I find anything edible, not even rosehips … haizz … I truly had no luck that afternoon! 😦

Anyway, we did not stay as long as we had initially intended to as we were getting quite wet from the rain and was starting to feel a little chilly. When the hubby came across me during his run, he suggested that we should go home so that we could get dry.


But once we were on the bus, more than half an hour later, at Vers-chez-les-Blanc, … the sun decided to chase the rain away! Argghhh …


It was really just not our day … or rather, it was not my day to do any foraging lah! But the view of Alpes Vaudoises and the mountains of Chablais as the bus made its way from Mauvernay to the métro station at Croisettes made up for the less than perfect afternoon in the forest. 🙂


It was the first time that we took this particular bus to go to Chalet-à-Gobet and then back to Croisettes … and we found the scenery through the country roads that the small bus took to be quite lovely.


Once we reached Croisettes, I suggested that we walked back all the way down to our home so that I could pass by this particular area to check out the rows of apple trees that I knew were there.


Unfortunately, hardly any apples could be seen on the trees … except for one or two that I managed to spot from far. (This will be another free food that I should try to remember to pick next year … if the trees are still there, that is!)

So on that afternoon … I came home pretty much empty-handed. But I was not terribly sad … because … I still had the mushroom foraging that I would be doing with the hubby’s friend to look forward to. 🙂

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