Temporary Olympic museum on Lake Geneva …

SAM_1096.AIt so happened that the day of the Lausanne marathon was also the last day to catch the display of some of the Olympic museum’s collections at a temporary venue which had been set up during the extension and renovation of the museum’s premises. And since I was in the vicinity of the museum (Ouchy), I was thus fortunate enough to have been able to visit this temporary venue before it would close its door to visitors!

I had already visited the Olympic museum twice during La Nuit de Musées , an annual event during which all participating museums in Lausanne and Pully are open until 2.00 am, but … I had been wanting to check out the temporary museum, as it was housed on one of the biggest paddle steamers of Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN). The free entrance to the temporary museum was also another attraction … after all, like most Singaporeans, I like all things free! hehehe … 😀

And so … while I was waiting for dear hubby to finish his marathon run on Sunday, I took the opportunity to visit the temporary floating museum which was conveniently moored near the finish line of the marathon of Lausanne.


My first view of the boat that housed the temporary Olympic museum on Lake Geneva when I arrived in Ouchy to cheer the hubby at the finish line. So beautiful!


I decided that I would snap several photos of this temporary Olympic museum from a few angles. I know I was being a little ‘kiasu‘ … but … it is not often that one gets to visit a museum on such a charming old boat like this!


This paddle steamer, the ‘Helvétie’ is one of the oldest and largest from the Belle Epoque fleet belonging to the Compagnie Générale de Navigation (CGN), the Lausanne-headquartered company which operates the boats ferrying passengers across Lac Léman. Helvétie came into service in 1926 but was decommissioned in 2002.


With a day like what we had on Sunday, the availability and proximity of this boat to the finish line of the Lausanne marathon was definitely a blessing … as I was able to find plenty of dry seats inside the this temporary museum when I could not find any outside!


The gate leading to the boat. It was a good thing that I read the display notice … or I would not have known that Sunday, 27 October was the last day of this temporary museum! In fact, I had initially thought that the museum might have been closed on that day as it was a Sunday but having noticed a few people going on board the boat and then upon reading the notice at the gate, I realised that it was open … and that I had better go and have a look at the exhibition on that very afternoon if I did not want to miss it altogether!


The other bridge leading to the anchored floating museum … but not for visitors (at least not on that day!).

The temporary exhibition was set up on three levels … on the main deck, the lower deck as well as the upper deck.


This was the exhibition room in the lower deck … which I had missed on my initial visit. I saw it by chance when I came back to the boat a second time to look for the toilet!!


The smallest of the exhibition rooms on board the boat, the exhibits showcased the impressive stadiums and buildings that were designed and built in some of the cities that had hosted the Olympic Games.

Exhibits through the portholes

Exhibits on the types of Olympic games as seen through the portholes on the main deck.


The exhibition room on the main deck …


… which showcased some of the paraphernalia associated with the games.

Exhibits level 1

Some of the items on display.


The different torches and medals used by the various hosting cities during the Olympic Games.


It was quite interesting but also a little weird to be viewing such exhibits in this kind of set up, I must say.


And the very spacious upper deck.


Plenty of seats to be had on this deck … away from the crowds on the lakeshore! The lady in the picture was doing exactly what I had intended to do … after having a quick look at the exhibits, of course … a peaceful rest on this floating museum! 🙂


A panel listed the various cities that had hosted the Olympic Games … both for summer as well as for winter games.


Since the Games have been going on for many years … the panels, therefore, stretched on both sides of the boat.

Upcoming Olympic events

The next Olympic Games will be held in these two cities … the summer games in 2016 at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and the winter games in February next year at Sochi, Russia. I cannot wait to catch the actions of the winter games on tv in February!

Mascot and torch during London Olympic

Whereas these were the mascot and the torch used during the Olympic Games in London last year.


These seagulls, on the other hand, are not part of the museum exhibits! 🙂 But I could not help noticing them perching the whole stretch of the front railing on the upper deck.


Thankfully, they did not do the same on this side of the open deck!  So I decided to go out and enjoy the view from here.


This is how the new Olympic Museum will look like after it has been renovated. The new museum is expected to open towards the middle of December this year … so just another a month and a half to go.


And the Olympic Museum, still undergoing renovation work … as seen from across the open upper deck.


Another paddle steamer seen coming into the port of Ouchy … as I was on the upper deck.


The buzz of activities on the lakeshore as seen from the upper deck.


Such a gorgeous autumn view of the lakeshore as seen from the upper deck.


Even when the day was grey, the beautiful autumn colours just helped to chase the greyness away. I love autumn colours … don’t you?

I was a little sad not to see as many people visiting the temporary museum on that day. On the other hand, without the crowds, I was thus able to rest quietly on board while waiting for the time for me to go and cheer the hubby at the finish line. Unfortunately, I omitted to inform the hubby that it was the last day to visit the floating museum, probably because he seemed a little tired after he had completed his race and I had wrongly inferred that he would not want to go. So poor hubby totally missed out on visiting the floating museum!

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