Colourful autumn …

As the autumn season is well-known for its beautiful colours … I decided that I would share a few photos to show the changing colours of the trees close to home and elsewhere … enjoy! ūüėÄ

SAM_0567 A

The big tree facing our balcony is always among the first to change colours at the start of autumn … and to start losing them!¬†In another week or so, it will be totally leafless!

SAM_0610 A

The colours of the leaves are enhanced whenever there is a beautiful sunset as was the case three days ago.

SAM_0586 A

One of those evenings when we had such beautiful colours in the sky. It was just too bad that the tall crane (where construction work to build some office and shopping space near the metro station is underway) had to mar an otherwise magnificent view of the sun setting … argggh! ūüė¶

SAM_0612 A

The trees at Mont Sauvabelin¬†started to take on a much deeper colour a few days ago. And the slight mist rising above the trees on some days … made the area even nicer to look at.

And then, yesterday, I decided to do a little foraging with my good friend Nadir and we were thus able to enjoy the beautiful colours on the mountain. It was very lovely.

DSCN5499 A

Unfortunately, It was a little misty yesterday in the later part of the day … but we could still admire the beautiful colours on the slope of the mountain.

DSCN5528 A

If only the day had been sunnier … the beautiful colours would have been even more magnificent to look at … and to capture on camera!

DSCN5512 A

The mist in the valley and the beautiful colours on the slope … what a beautiful mix … and a lovely end to our day foraging in the forest yesterday!

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3 thoughts on “Colourful autumn …

  1. Hi Azian. Yes winter is just waiting around the corner … hopefully, a far away corner! Most of my plants have started dying in the chilly autumn weather. Baru semalam baru habis pruning and throwing away all of my tomato plants as the fruits are starting to rot instead of turning red. So now, very busy clearing dead and dying plants and preparing the balcony and the rest of plants for onset of cold winter. But I am still waiting for my tomatillos to turn purple before picking. Hopefully it will turn purple before the snowfall starts!


  2. hi Siti

    Lama sangat tak jenguk ke sini since August 2013. its beautiful autumn. Soon winter will come.
    How are your plants?


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