Balcony garden in October … tomatillos …

It has been two weeks since I last shared anything on my balcony garden, so before I continue sharing on our trips and excursions, I think it is about time that I do a short entry on one of my plants that is yet to have its very own entry … the tomatillos! 🙂

Quite honestly, I have never tasted a tomatillo before, so I do not know whether I shall like and enjoy eating this fruit. Nonetheless, this has not stopped me from wanting to try and grow them … as they looked so pretty … hanging like lanterns from the pictures that I saw! hehehe … 🙂 So I bought the seeds online … and, as I like some colour in my edible garden, I chose to get the purple tomatillo seeds!

Since this is my first time growing a tomatillo (as well as several other vegetables and fruit!) … I do not really know what to expect.  But from what I had read on the Internet, I needed to have at least two plants if I wanted to have any chance of seeing and eating my home-grown tomatillos. So I sowed several seeds and hope for the best. The first batch of seedlings which had sprouted died before I could move them outside (as we had a long winter this year) … but I managed to keep a few alive with the second batch.

As I do not like throwing seedlings unnecessarily, I tried to keep as many as I could … given the limited space that we have on our balcony. In the end, I decided to grow three as my main plants and keep another two as spares by growing them in a small pot. One of the main plants eventually died just a few weeks ago.

The tomatillo plants certainly took their own sweet time to grow big. And when they started to flower, I became quite excited and hopeful that I might soon be able to taste my first tomatillo. However, I was led to believe at first that I was doomed for a disappointment because for the longest time, flowering was all that they did … loads of them … but not a single fruit!

And then it finally happened … the first fruit was formed … and soon followed by another. But right until about 1 -2 weeks ago, I could count in one hand the number of fruit that I could see on the two main plants. But I was pleasantly surprised this afternoon … when I was doing some trimming of the plants on the balcony … to realise that the tomatillo plants were finally showering me with their fruit! It was about time, I’d say! 😀


Two of my tomatillo plants sharing one big pot … back in early July when they first started to flower.


And the two plants as they are now. For the longest time, I had wondered when I would get to see the many flowers that the plants were producing turned into fruit.


Well … I do not have to wonder any more! After having ignored the plants for almost two weeks now, except on the few occasions when I had to water them … I have just realised, today, that there are many fruits hanging from the plants! Yeayy …. finally. 🙂


So it seems that when they want to … or are ready to do so … the fruit could form quite quickly.


So naughty of them to make me wait for so many months to see them hanging beautifully from the plants. But as I have always said … better late than never lah! 🙂


So now the waiting and anticipation continues … for them to turn purplish … and then to ripen. However, as we are now already in autumn … I can only hope that there is still time for them to ripen so that I can taste them lah!


And these are my two spare plants growing on top of the garden shed. I decided to move them into a bigger pot about three weeks ago when I saw that they were not thriving being stuck in a small pot … and as I have some pots to spare now that the gardening season is slowly winding down.

With more room for the roots to grow in the bigger pot, these two plants have quickly grown taller and have even started to bear fruit. Hopefully, all those flowers that we see here will develop into more tomatillos over the next couple of weeks … and ripen before Mr Frost make his appearance!

Well … one can only hope … 🙂


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