Cake-making class in French … and Thai …!

When Jasmine, a Swiss member of the Association of Thais and Friends (the association that organises the French class that I go to) … invited the class to join a cake-making session, I was more than happy to sign up … as she had promised to conduct the lesson in simple French and that the cake that we would be making would be an easy one. Last but not least, as an icing on the cake (pun intended ;)) … the lesson would be free of charge! Well, why not, right?

By signing up, not only would I get to learn how to make another type of cake (apart from my chocolate-banana cake and apple-nut cake) … but it would also be a nice outing for the students who would be taking part … as the lesson would be conducted at Jasmine’s home in the small village of Goumoens-la-Ville (not very far from Assens, where the hubby and I had gone to look for his cactus).

So after having arranged with a good classmate of mine who drives that she would be giving me a lift  … we went for our first cake-making lesson on Monday. Although both of us are pretty hopeless with directions, it would have been hard to get lost thanks to this modern technology called GPS lah! And so we managed to find our way by car to the small village at Goumoens-la-ville. 🙂

It was a very small group that came for the lesson … just the six of us from two different classes. But since we know each other, so it was a nice meeting … outside of the usual classroom setting! Especially as Jasmine is such a warm and friendly person. We certainly had a lot of fun … learning to bake together … in French … and quite a bit of Thai, too … as apart from Jasmine and I, the rest of the ladies are Thais! 🙂

Lemon cake baking class

As this was a beginners’ lesson to cake-making … Jasmine patiently introduced all the utensils and the ingredients to be used to make cake au citron (lemon cake) … before we started to make the cake. After that … it was a lot of fun and laughter as we tried our hands at preparing the ingredients to bake the cake. It was pretty obvious that some of us had not been doing much baking … moi, included! hehehe …

But it was nice, as I definitely learnt something in this class about trying to bake a cake. 🙂


Once the cake batter had been put into the oven … we adjourned to the living/dining area to enjoy a nice cup of fresh mint tea plus the lemon cake that had been prepared in advance by Jasmine … while waiting for our cakes to cook. But the lesson was not over yet. While we enjoyed the tea and the lemon cake, Jasmine put us to work on doing an exercise on paper. (It was supposed to be a French language course too, after all! :))

Gateau au citron

And then back to the kitchen again … which was pleasantly perfumed by the nice aroma from the lemon cake … to complete the rest of the cake-making process.

For our efforts … and fun … we got to bring home one half of the lemon cake that we had made as well as a small container of baking powder (in the green and white plastic container visible two pictures above) … to try and do some baking of our own at home.

And later when Jasmine offered some peppermint leaves (freshly picked from the garden) to bring home so that we could make some mint tea for ourselves to have with our lemon cake, I naturally accepted the offer, too! 🙂


But, of course, it was not just to make mint tea.. I actually wanted them so that I would be able to grow some of these delicious peppermint on my balcony! (What else is new! hehehe … :D)

And then it was time to say goodbye … and for us to head back home. I was very glad to have come for the baking lesson and I certainly hope that there will be more of such classes in the future. My heartfelt thanks to Jasmine for having been such a wonderful teacher and a lovely host … and also to dearest Air for the lift! Merci beaucoup et à la prochaine!!


2 thoughts on “Cake-making class in French … and Thai …!

  1. Memang seronok sebab buat ramai-ramai. Alahh, cuma belajar buat kek simple-simple aje. Tak payahlah I buat entry pasal kek sebab rupa kek-kek yang I berani buat semuanya plain aje! 🙂


  2. Mesti seronok dapat join kelas baking. Next time bolehlah buat entry tentang projek membuat kek atau roti dari dapur rumah you. Saya pun suka kek lemon, baunya harum.


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