Beautiful Kandersteg …

I know that I should be sharing on our holiday in Tuscany, … but since there are fewer photos to choose from our recent excursion to Kandersteg … so I shall share on this trip first lah! 🙂

The trip to Kandersteg was not planned. As the mum had come over to Lausanne to join us for La Nuit des Musées last Saturday and, as there was (and still is) a special travel promotion for autumn by the Swiss Federal Railways … we, therefore, decided that we would take advantage of the cheap travel cards to take her on a little excursions before she would go home.

The initial plan was to take her to Rochers-de-Naye so that she could see some marmots (which she had been wanting to see for quite some time) … as well as to the alpine garden located nearby for a short visit if time permitted it.

Unfortunately, we later found out in Montreux (when we had boarded the train that would take us to the mountain top) that the travel cards that we had with us would only take us as far as to Caux … and that we would need to pay another CHF 25 per person if we wanted to take the train all the way up to Rochers-de-Naye!

Hmmm … I did not remember that we had had to pay an extra charge when we went up to Rochers-de-Naye to see the marmots as well as to visit the alpine garden of Rambertia two years ago. I could be wrong … or maybe the rules have changed since we last did this excursion. Anyway, we were not the only ones who were caught by surprise by this extra charge … as there were several other general pass holders in our carriage who were just as surprised to find out that they needed to pay extra.

However, … we were the only ones who decided that we would get off the train rather than pay the surcharge!

We decided to cancel the trip, not because of the additional cost that we would have had to pay (which is a lot if you multiply by three) … but mainly because it was already well past mid-day when we left home and so we felt that it was not worth paying so much only to stay for an hour or so up the mountain as the mum would have liked to be able to catch a boat back to Yvoire a bit later in the afternoon (where she could then meet up with the daddy-man).

And it was while we were debating on where we could possibly take the mum to …  (I had suggested going to Zermatt while the hubby had suggested going to Belalp) … that she mentioned about wanting to go to Kandersteg. As I had never heard of this place, I wondered why she would want to go there? It was later during the train ride that I learnt that she wanted to go to Kandersteg in order to be able to visit the Ricola herb garden that is located in that village. Well, when I heard that … I was just as enthusiastic to go there as she was! hehehe … 😀

We were lucky that we did not have to wait long at Montreux to catch a train to Brig … where we would then change to a train that would take us to Kandersteg.

The view from the train after leaving Brig was truly superb. But as it was a very sunny day, it was difficult to take nice clear shots of the landscape through the window. So I tried the only way I know how … by taking lots of shots with the hope that a few will turn out nice! 😉

The route that we took was the same route as that when we went to Lötschental to see the Tschäggättä in February this year. Kandersteg is only 2 or 3 stations after Lötschental.


Arriving at Kandersteg railway station.


And the view that greeted me when I stepped out of the train.


After picking up some brochures at the railway station … we then made our way towards our destination.

Kandersteg village

As we walked through the village, trying to find the whereabouts of the Ricola herb garden … I found it difficult not to fall in love with this village!


It is so pretty …


… and very clean!


Even the community library looked so lovely housed in a quaint little building … I loikeee! 🙂


We lost the mum for a while … as she had decided not to wait for us (while we were at the railway station checking out the brochures and doing a toilet stop), and decided to go ahead. I had to wait here for a while with her trolley bag, while hubby went off to search for her.


But it is a beautiful area … so I was fine staying here while waiting for the hubby to come back with the mum.


The hubby finally found the mum at the railway station (she had decided to go back to the station when she realised that we still had not caught up with her) … and once back together, we headed off to look for Ricola herb garden as the mum had managed to obtain indications as to how to get to the garden at the station. In fact, we also saw a “Ricola” sign and so followed the direction.


Despite walking for quite sometime, we did not see any other Ricola signs to point us to the herb garden. But along the way, we passed by this big and beautiful old chalet … which I had noticed to be a kind of restaurant or café because of the people sitting in front of it. I commented to the hubby how beautiful it was and how nice it would be to be able to sit there and have a drink.


But as the mum had already walked well ahead of us … and since we had come to this village to look for Ricola herb garden … we had to walk on lah!


We had walked past this river as well as the International Scout Centre before the hubby decided to ask someone for direction … and only to be told that we had walked past the garden! Oh dear …


And so we had to retrace our steps back from where we had come from.


Surprisingly, the mum was able to walk pretty fast … and was ahead of us. Of course, it was also because … as usual, the hubby and I were busy trying to take snapshots along the way! hehehe …

And soon we saw what we were looking for. Guess where was the Ricola herb garden?


At the very same chalet that the hubby and I had stopped earlier to take some snapshots! But hey … we did not see any Ricola sign near the main road where they had put a big sign with the name of the chalet!

Anyway … this is where the Ricola herb garden is located. However, I shall not be showing any photos of the garden in this entry … not yet. For now, just enjoy the snapshots of this beautiful village, ok? 🙂


After staying long enough to enjoy the garden … and to have a drink as I had wanted to do earlier on … we then made our way back to the railway station.


And along the way … I decided to take the opportunity to snap more photos of this beautiful village. 🙂


Not only is this village very pretty with its beautiful scenery and beautiful buildings …


… it is also very clean…


… and its people are quite friendly, too. And apart from all these …

… I also enjoyed seeing the creativity shown by some of the residents in this village to make their home stands out from the rest!


Especially this particular house. The two children (a girl and a boy) look as if they are real, do they not? 😀


Approaching the railway station … located at the end of the road.


And then, back at the railway station once again.

The walk from the Ricola herb garden to the railway station took about 30 minutes. And instead of going back via Brig (the way that we had come to Kandersteg), we took the opposite route (going via Berne) to accompany the mum all the way to Geneva where the daddy-man would come and fetch her.

All in all, it was a lovely excursion. The weather was beautiful and Kandersteg was beautiful too. And … I got to visit Ricola herb garden! 😀

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4 thoughts on “Beautiful Kandersteg …

  1. Salam Kak Maz, memang comel sangat budak 2 orang tu. Mula-mula I ingatkan cuma satu orang, rupanya dua orang. Memang kadang-kadang rasa geram sungguh tengok cara orang-orang Swiss menghias rumah diorang kat kampung2 terpencil. Creative habis! Tentang mana nak beli budak dua orang tu, I tak boleh nak tolong sebab I sendiri tak tahu kat mana boleh dapat! 🙂


  2. Salam CT, teramat lah cantik….sini, kita kata cantik gila!! rasa nak menangis…. comel lah sangat budak 2 orang kat pintu…..first time tengok such perhiasan- nak tiru tapi nak beli di mana?


  3. Memang cantik. I first time pergi dah terpikat! 🙂 Kalau mak mentua tak ikut, nak juga take our own sweet time to check out the village. Tapi pasal dia ikut, terpaksa terus kena nak cari itu taman herba! Go visit while you are here, I highly recommend the place.


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