La Nuit des Musées 2013 …

SAM_9485AWe certainly had had a busy weekend … busy working, … and then busy enjoying ourselves! hehehe … 😀

For his part, the hubby left home very, very early on Saturday morning to go to the parents’ place to help the daddy-man with the wood in preparation for the coming cold season. For my part, I was busy with the cleaning and tidying of our place as the mum had decided to follow the hubby home that afternoon so that she could join us to visit the museums on that day.

Yup, it was that time of the year again! Saturday 21 September was the day when the museums in Lausanne would remain open until 2.00am. And after having skipped La Nuit des Musées event last year, we decided that we would take part this year. However, taking into consideration that the mum would be joining us, we knew that we would not be breaking any record in terms of the number of museums that we could visit this year. So this year, we only visited a few museums … and unlike previous years when we went museum hopping during La Nuit des Musées, we were home well before midnight this year!! 🙂

And since I had shared quite a number of photos of La Nuit des Musées during our visits in two past editions, I am not going to share that many this time lah! I also took much fewer photos this year … so not much to show, really!

However, just to let you know that apart from bringing home the mum with him after his early morning visit to the parents’ …


… the hubby also brought home these nashi pears, some of which had been pecked by the naughty birds …


… as well as these yummy prunes! So … he already had a go at picking these prunes without waiting for me … ish, ish, ish …

But there are more prunes waiting to be picked from the tree, so hopefully I shall get to pick some as well! 🙂

And below are the few shots that I took as souvenirs of our participation in La Nuit des Musées 2013. 


Our first stop was at this medieval chateau which houses the History Museum of Lausanne. After more than 10 years in Lausanne, it was understandable that the hubby would be keen to share some history of the city he now considers as home with his mum! 🙂


Since I have been to this museum a few times, with the hubby and also with my classmates as end of year excursion, … I did not look at the exhibits as thoroughly nor taken any photo of them on this visit. Only this one shot  to show the activity organised for children on that day.


From the History Museum, we then brought the mum down the slope to Palais de Rumine which houses several different museums. We did not visit all the museums in this grand old building … but only those that might be of interest to the mum …


… such as this Musée cantonal des Beaux-Arts. We are not allowed to take photos in this museum … so I did not. I took this shot just to show that they had guided tours on that day to explain their painting collections.

And these are some of the children activities at the different museums in Palais de Rumine on that afternoon. I think the kids certainly had more fun on La Nuit des Musées  than us adults! hehehe …


One of the museums that the mum had specially requested for a visit on that day … Musée de l’Elysée … or otherwise known as the Photography Museum. It was definitely one of the more popular museums on that day as it was very, very crowded in this museum.

But the temporary exhibition ‘Genesis’ by a famous Brazilian photographer, Sebastião Salgado, were really stunning. Even I, who am not much of a photography exhibition fan … unlike the mother and son that I was accompanying that day, …  was amazed and fascinated by the black and white photographs on exhibit.

Several of the photographs were blown up in a huge canvas and put on display on the beautiful lawn outside the museum (a nineteenth century mansion bequeathed to the city of Lausanne). And while some of the visitors were admiring the stunning photographs … others were busy having a small picnic and enjoying the beautiful view of Lac Léman (slightly above Ouchy)! As long as everybody is enjoying themselves … that is what is important, no? 😉

For our last museum before calling it a day … or night … we took the mum to see the Collection de l’Art Brut (often translated as Outsider Art in English). But since it was already dark by then … and I was feeling a little tired after the house cleaning earlier in the day … I did not take any photos at this museum. But we stayed long enough at the museum to attend a talk by one of the creators (a Frenchman) who had contributed his pieces to this special museum. I had shared a bit more on this special museum a little more than three years ago (very last link at the bottom), if you are interested.

And apart from these photos, as souvenirs for our participation in this year’s La Nuit des Musées …


… we received a scarf cum map when we bought the ticket for the event. Depending on your own ingenuity, you can choose to wear it in whatever manner you like. Whereas the mum choose to tie it to her handbag, the hubby and I chose to wear ours as headscarves. Others chose to wear it as a handkerchief, neck scarf, head band, arm band, wrist band, thigh band, belt accessory, etc, etc.

I was very glad that we had an early night that Saturday (although the hubby was keen to go out again to visit another museum on his own after we had come home and had our dinner) … because the following day, we did a little excursion to visit the Ricola Herb Garden at Kandersteg.

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