Before and after the holiday …


This was how it had looked like yesterday morning … thick mist. And it rained almost non-stop with only some brief clear sky in between. A real damper … as I was looking forward to start working on my balcony garden. However, the grey and wet weather did not stop me from doing what little I could to get cracking at things that needed to be done, yesterday.

Thankfully, there was some sunshine today … and most importantly, some warmth (although the temperature was still well below 20°C) even when it turned a little cloudy at times … so that I was able to spend several hours on the balcony – pushing and rearranging pots/containers filled with plants and with rain water, putting away the temporary watering system that I had put in place before going on holiday and trimming the plants that needed trimming.

I am glad to have been able to do what needs to be done … and all that is left to do is to re-plant some of the seedlings. Hopefully, the coming autumn will be warm enough to allow most of my plants to continue growing and producing something for me to harvest!

My balcony garden … as it had looked a day before we left for our summer break in Italy … with a mixture of simple watering system of using wet cotton strips (which I found work quite well for short holidays) as well as the housewarming gift from the mum (which can water up to 16 pots of plants)

Plants after the holiday

And how it had looked after we got back home 10 days later. Still looking relatively green, except for a few plants that seemed to have suffered from the cold spell over the weekend. Even my seedlings continued to grow well enough.

As a bonus because of the continuous rain over a few days … we managed to collect several containers of precious rain water while we were away! 🙂

Okay. some close-up shots.







Peppers 2






And for my efforts tending to them yesterday and today …


… I got these as my rewards … after having to throw several that had become rotten! Not too bad, eh? 😀

The above harvest is in addition to …


… these eggplants that were harvested just before leaving for our holiday but which I have not had the time to prepare for our meal! I just love my colourful vegetables! hehehe … 😀

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2 thoughts on “Before and after the holiday …

  1. Terimakasih. Peppers merah bulat tu sedap dan rangup. Dan tomato hijau dan yang warnanya agak pinkish-brown (kat depan pinggan) tu rasanya manis. Sedap makan macam gitu aja. Cuma yang pinkish tu, I dah tak ada benih simpanan. Benih tu dijual murah sebab date of expire dah habis dan I pun tak terus tanam tahun lepas selepas beli. So I semai semua yang ada kat dalam paket tu tahun ni, in case banyak yang tak menjadi. Rupanya banyak yang tumbuh, tapi tak leh nak simpan semua sebab tak ada tempat nak tanam dan I pun tak tahu macam mana rasanya. Rupanya sedap. So nak kena simpan bijinya sikit untuk tanam lagi tahun depan. Nanti I share sikit dengan you, ok?


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