Happy to see my babies …

We still have another few days before autumn officially starts this Sunday. But by the look of the weather that greeted us when we got back from our Italian holiday, it appears as if the weather here is very eager to welcome the autumn season.

The temperature monitor at the train station was showing 10°C when we arrived in Lausanne very early this morning (we ended sleeping one more night at the parents). It was only 8°C at Bessières as the métro passed the area and then it dropped by another degree by the time we reached our home further up the Lausanne hill! Brrrrr … this is not just chilly summer weather … it is nearly freezing cold summer!

All that I can say as we were making our way home this morning … and upon seeing the fall in temperature (from when we left home ten days ago), … was that I had truly feared for my plants. In particular, I was seriously worried about the seedlings and the cuttings that I had started before going on our holiday … and especially the one particular cutting that I was so happy to finally get my hands on during my home visit this year.

In fact, seeing how cold it was when we finally arrived in Lausanne, I was prepared to be greeted with some dead plants and seedlings when we reached home. However … I am so glad to say that all of my plants have managed to survive this particular holiday … even though we were away for a full ten days. And that include the seedlings and the cuttings, too … pheww!!! 🙂

But … I could see that several of the plants are affected or starting to be affected by the cold summer weather over the past few days. And, unless some nice warm weather return, I think that there is a high chance that they will not recover from this cold spell and then my gardening season will soon be over. Well, we shall see lah!

Anyway, I think one of the things that really made me smile upon reaching home … after having to walk through the drizzling rain and cold temperature with our heavy stuff …

SAM_9375 A

… was to be greeted by this particular sight.

I had not expected to be welcomed home by so many sunflower blooms on such a dreary morning … especially from the three sunflower plants on the right of the picture!

SAM_9440 a

Finally, … when summer is about to end … these three plants decided to grace me with their sunny blooms. Oh well, better late than never, eh? 😉

SAM_9379 A

And, although the first (and also the biggest) sunflower to bloom in my balcony garden has now passed its prime and is looking quite pitiful right now … this tall sunflower plant is still putting up a show with other much smaller sunflowers. Hopefully, it will continue to flower well into autumn!

Unfortunately, apart from doing a quick check on them to see if they had survived being left on their own for more than a week (and also taking their photos, obviously ;)), there was no time to get my hands dirty today to start tending to my babies. But over the next few days … hopefully with some cooperation from the weather … I shall be able to start spending time with my babies once again. I loikeeee … 😀

By the way, just before we left for our holiday …

SAM_8367 A

… I decided to harvest some purple carrots …

SAM_8391 A

… as well as picked some of the tomatoes that had ripened … so that we could enjoy them before leaving.

2013-09-06 21.22.03

And so for our dinner that night, we had this colourful salad (tomatoes, pepper and carrot) to go with fried vegetarian steak. Not only beautiful, they tasted really good, too … even without any salad dressing! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Happy to see my babies …

  1. Alamak Ros, I tak bolehlah tanam sesuka hati kat laman diorang. Mak mentua I tu ada citarasa sendiri tentang pokok bunga apa yang dia nak tanam dan kat mana! Tapi tahun lepas ada jugak pokok sunflower sesat yang tumbuh kat pasu besar di teras rumah mereka. Agaknya dibawa burung.

    Benih pokok mirabilis jalapa tu memang senang tumbuh dan tersebar kat mana-mana. Tahun ni, pokok tu tumbuh di merata laman mentua I walaupun tahun lepas tak satu pun yang tumbuh! Anehkan?

    Jangankan you, semua carrot-carrot yang I tanam comel-comel aje saiznya. Yang lebih heran, ada pokok purple carrot yang langsung tak menjadi tapi terus berbunga! Mungkin disebabkan cuaca yang kurang elok tahun ni.


  2. Alhamdulilah, kelak boleh simpan benih sunflower tu setelah ia cukup matang. Next year tanam banyak-banyak kat laman mertua you…hehehe….
    Tempohari pokok mirabilis jalapa yang you beri tu macam tak menjadi benihnya, tiba-tiba 2 minggu lepas saya nampak anak pokoknya mula berbunga di lokasi yang berbeza…what a suprise…! Mungkin benih tu dipindahkan oleh tupai atau lain-lain haiwan kecil yang rajin bermain di halaman.

    Pokok carrot yang saya tanam tak nak membesar, dia jadi bantut. Mungkin tak tahan dengan cuaca kat Jasin kot.


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