Back to chilly weather …

We arrived back in Lucinges (the parents’ place in France) yesterday evening. It took the daddy-man about 8 hours of driving from Florence to reach home. And it rained for most of our drive back to France … and the rain continues today. What a way to end our Italian holiday. After enjoying the warmth and beautiful sunshine of the Tuscany area, we are now back to grey, wet and chilly weather back home! Haizzz …

And later this afternoon, we shall be making our way back home to Lausanne. The hubby had been checking the temperature back home while we were enjoying the warm weather in Tuscany, Italy. And it worried me a little … even as I was enjoying our stay on the island of Elba and then in Florence … as the temperature, true to the méteo forecast prior to our departure, showed the temperature at home averaging between 12°C – 14°C. Argghhh … not good for my warm-loving plants from the tropic! I only hope that they have not died … neither that they will die on me! 😦

But I shall know this evening, how my babies have been faring while the ‘water guy’ and I were away. In the meantime, this morning, I saw that the daddy-man was already busy removing slugs and snails from their garden and doing a little tidying. I cannot wait to get my hands dirty on our balcony, myself! 🙂

In the meantime, some photos taken at the parents this morning.


Part of the garden this morning … a little wet because of the rain during the night … and just before it started to rain again.


The lower level … more green and less colour at this time of the year … as we head towards the end of summer.

But some of the fruits are just about to ripen …


The delicious-looking nashi pears …


Some are still quite green, but many have turned yellow … and some had been eaten and then left to rot on the tree by the birds. I picked those that had been pecked by the birds and they were really sweet and crisp … yummy!


The prunes … starting to turn a beautiful shade of purple. But not ripe enough for picking. The daddy-man picked one to try but it was still a little sour. Another week or two …


The prunes, unlike the cherries, are plentiful this year.


We have to make sure that we come back again … in time to pick some of these prunes … since we missed picking the other fruits!

Okay … have to get ready to go back to my babies. I will share more on our Italian holidays soon.


4 thoughts on “Back to chilly weather …

  1. Salam Sity,

    Saya baru saja bertandang ke blog , blog yang pernah saya syorkan untuk you melawat. Ada entry beliau membuat jem buah prunes. Sangat menarik sekali, mana tahu next week you boleh membuatnya…hehehe….ada tiupan angin rajin ni…


  2. Salam Ros,

    Laman diorang hijau sebab dah beberapa hari asyik hujan. Memang lebat pokok buah prunes, so tahun ni kami akan cuba pergi masa buah prunes masak supaya boleh petik dan bawa balik sikit! 🙂


  3. Salam Sity,

    Nampak sangatlah hijaunya laman mertua you, Lebatnya buah-buah prune, geram tengok..!!


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