Isola d’Elba … our stay in Cavoli …

I find it difficult trying to write and share anything on this blog using my iPad … but since I am able to access some wifi here, I thought I will try. But it has been a frustrating experience as the internet connection is not very good either.

Anyway … in case you wonder, how I am doing with the ‘water guy’ on our Italian holiday with the parents …. well, we are doing great! Right now, we are holidaying on the island of Elba (Isola d’Elba in Italian) The weather has been lovely so far except for the welcoming rain on our first night on this island.

Unfortunately, the mum decided not come with us, so that there are just us with the daddy-man … just like when we went to Malta two and a half years ago. Although the initial plan was just to stay a few days on this island before visiting other places in the Tuscany area, it appears that we shall be staying here for most of our holiday, with only a brief visit to Florence to meet up with hubby’s old friend who is currently staying at his family’s flat in that city for the week.

Actually, I would have preferred that we do more sightseeing and visiting other places, but the daddy-man loves spending time by the sea … and since he is the one who is driving, well … passengers cannot be choosy lah! 😀

But this is a beautiful island and we were very lucky to have found a rented apartment in the holiday home of an Italian family who lives and works in Rome, upon our arrival on this island. The lovely house is by the sea, on one of the nicest bays on the islands … and with both a private and a nearby public beach for us to choose to spend our days by the sea. So, really, I cannot complain even if we have to stay here for the rest of our holiday lah! 🙂

But … being a typical  Singaporean, there is still something that I must complain  — the over-friendly welcome by the resident mosquitoes! I have swollen bite marks on my arms and legs as proof of their welcome …  argghhh!

Here are just a few shots (taken using my iPad) of the area where we are staying on the island, a place called Cavoli.


The bay in Cavoli, where we rented an apartment … at sunset, as seen from the private road leading to the villa.

Cavoli 3

The villa where we are staying on the lower floor.

Cavoli 2

The private beach belonging to our host … as seen from their balcony on the upper floor.

Cavoli 4

And the public beach where we are during the day (shot from a small cafe where we had our breakfast)… as the daddy-man prefers a bit more beach space and also because there are mosquitoes at the private but much smaller beach!


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