Balcony garden in September … potato harvests …

These last few days before our holiday had been a busy one for me. Busy trying to prep my babies for the coming week of separation, that is! 🙂

Hopefully by tomorrow, I will have everything in place to see to my plants’ watering needs while the hubby and I are enjoying ourselves in Italy. I am not sure whether the water reserves that I am preparing for them will be enough to last until we come home a week later. But some rain is expected next week according to the méteo, so maybe, I should not worry too much that they will be suffering from a lack of water. However, besides the possibility of rain, the temperature is also expected to fall next week! Woahh … now I am worried about the chilly weather for my plants, instead! 😦

Anyway, before taking a break from sharing on my edible balcony garden … in order to share about something else (and also because I might not be able to write while we are on holiday), I will share one last vegetable – the three different varieties of potatoes that I had grown this year.

The extended cold weather … which lasted well towards the end of spring … not only affected the growth of my tomato plants, it also affected the growth of my potato plants, Although they were initially doing well enough and were still looking very green and healthy in mid-June … they later suffered from the wet and chilly temperature in late June and I started losing a few of them by late July. 😦

SAM_7224 A

These were the pink-skinned and normal skin potato plants … as they had been at the beginning of August. The leaves of the pink-skinned potatoes (in the orange grow bag) had turned yellow and one of the three plants in the bag (I had put three potato spuds in each grow bag so that there would be three plants in each bag) … had died off.

Although the normal skin potato plants on the left  might looked greener, they were suffering a little, too.

SAM_7275 A

But worse were these blue potato plants, Bleue de St Gall. One of the plants had died much earlier … and by the beginning of August, the two remaining ones in the bag were starting to die, too.

I had hoped to see the flowers from this blue potato variety as well as that of the pink-skinned variety (as this was my first time growing them) but I did not spot a single flower from any of the potato plants in the three bags by this time … even though the potatoes had been growing for a full four months. One flower finally bloomed from the normal-skinned potato plants three weeks later! Haizzz …

Anyway … seeing how the blue potato plants had looked in early August, I decided to harvest them before leaving for Singapore. And seeing as how the plants did not flower and one of the plants had died earlier, I was not sure what to expect.


It was not a lot … but still, I was very thankful to be able to harvest this many blue potatoes. The colour of the potatoes blended so well with the soil that I had to make sure that I searched through the soil carefully in order not to miss any! At least, I hope I did not! hehehe … 😀

And three weeks later, after coming back from Singapore, I decided that it was time to harvest the rest of the potato plants.


These pink-skinned potatoes were one of the cleanest potatoes that I had the pleasure of harvesting. And the colour was just so beautiful that it was hard not to get excited when I first spotted them! 🙂


Not only the cleanest (this was how they had looked like after picking them out from the soil) … these pink-skinned potato harvest also yielded the most number of potatoes among the three varieties.


Last to be harvested were these normal potatoes. Despite growing them from very small potato spuds (from potatoes that were harvested last year), this variety managed to yield some very big potatoes … much to my delighted surprise. 🙂

SAM_7904 A

Unfortunately, the yield was not a lot. But given the bad spring and early summer weather that we had had this year … I cannot complain too much about the small harvest lah!

SAM_7906 A

And this is the sum total of my potato harvests for this year. Not a lot … just a little over two and a half kilos … but quite colourful. Interestingly, some of the pink-skinned potatoes were less pink than the rest.

Odd shape potatoes

Some odd shape potatoes from this year’s harvest. But no heart-shaped potato, unfortunately! 🙂

Errr … by the way, although I had harvested the potatoes from all of my potato plants … actually, my potato growing season is not over yet lah!

SAM_8352 A

Even though we are already heading towards the end of summer, I decided that I might as well make use of the soil which I had used to grow the first crop of potatoes to try and grow a few of the spare potato spuds that I have. I do not know if I will get to harvest any … but no harm trying, instead of throwing the spare potato spuds and letting the soils lay unused, no?

If I am lucky, maybe, there could be some small baby potatoes that I will be able to harvest before winter sets in. But If not, then I only waste some time watering the plants! I will let you know in a few months’s time … if I am lucky or not! 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Balcony garden in September … potato harvests …

  1. Bagus juga kalau ada dijual kat pasaraya. Kat sini pun tak mudah nak dapat kentang biru. Cuma baru-baru ni aje kentang tu mula dijual kat salah satu pasaraya di sini. Untuk tahun depan, I nak cuba cari kentang pink yang bukan saje kulit, malah isinya pun pink. Tapi so far, I tak pernah nampak kat sini. Cuma lihat kat internet aje!


  2. Salam Sity,

    Kentang biru tu saya beli di pasaraya, susah juga nak jumpa, mungkin dijual secara bermusim. Biasanya telah siap berbungkus, macam pakej 3 dalam 1, ada kentang biru, pink dan putih.


  3. Tak pe Ros, cuba tanam kentang biru sekali lagi. Mana tahu kali kedua berjaya. Banyak juga tanaman I yang I terpaksa cuba 2-3 kali baru berjaya. Kentang biru tu dari mana?
    Tapi memang betul kata you, memang lebih muai tanam pokok atau sayur yang boleh cepat dituai, lebih-lebih lagi di iklim kat sini. Kalau tanam yang lambat dapat kutip hasil, bila nasib tak baik dan cuaca tak elok, sampai dah nak masuk musim sejuk buah atau sayur yang ditunggu tak masak-masak! Buat penat tanam aje!


  4. Salam Sity,

    Kentang biru baru sekali cuba, kentang biasa pula ada 3 kali tanam dan dapat tuai hasilnya walaupun tak berapa besar isinya. Rasanya dah taknak tanam kentang biru tu la…ataupun belum rasa nak tanam semula. Nak lebihkan tanam sayur yang boleh dituai dengan cepat. Benih strawberi belum berani nak semai, nak tunggu musim hujan dulu. Mungkin dalam minggu depan bolehlah saya semaikan benihnya sebab sekarang ni nampak cuaca dah nak mula hujan.


  5. Terimakasih, Ros. You dah cuba tanam berapa kali? Kalau baru sekali, cubalah lagi. Tak semua yang I tanam terus sukses. Ada juga yang kena 2-3 kali baru nampak hasilnya. Tapi ada juga yang dah 3-4 kali cuba masih juga tak nampak hasil pun! Amacam benih strawberi, ada yang menjadi tak?


  6. Salam Sity,

    Terima kasih atas usaha you buat entry tentang tuaian kentang. Geram tengok hasilnya, pokok kentang biru dan pink yang saya tanam mati selepas 2 minggu ditanam, mungkin atas faktor cuaca yang tidak sesuai.

    Happy holiday.


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