Balcony garden in September … eggplants …

Unlike the chilli and pepper plants, I am only growing three different varieties of eggplants (or brinjals as they are called back home in Singapore and Malaysia) … as there were fewer varieties of eggplants to choose from unlike that of chillies and peppers.  But most importantly, it is also because I eat more chillies than eggplants … and so, three different varieties are already considered a little too many lah! 🙂

Although I was less successful at growing eggplants last year … again, it was because we had to leave the plants to fend for themselves when we went to Singapore last year, so that they suffered from a lack of regular watering … I seem to be faring much better this year. At least, a few of the plants that I have growing on our balcony appear to be doing well enough right now … and are producing a good number of eggplants.

But … as to whether they will continue to do well by the time we come back from our holiday in Italy next week … that will remain to be seen lah. For my sake, I hope that they will not suffer too badly from a week of neglect! 😦

Anyway, here are photos of my eggplants taken yesterday afternoon.


The three different varieties of eggplants or brinjals growing in my balcony garden. The blue container holds four plants (of two different varieties) whereas the bucket holds a single plant of another variety.

A few of the eggplants look ready for picking … which I shall have to do before going on our holiday, so that there is less of a likelihood that they will dry or rot on the plants should the plants suffered from a lack of watering!


These eggplants are called green apple eggplants … and I had bought the seeds because this variety is supposed to be perfect for cool or short season garden.  Indeed, it is perfect for this year as the gardening season had only kicked off in earnest in June … which basically means that we have a short gardening season this year.


Considering that there are four plants sharing the same containers, I must say that I am surprised as well as very pleased with the number of eggplants that the plants are producing … even if not all the flower buds that you see in the picture would have developed into eggplants.


These are the Little Finger eggplants … so-called because they can already be harvested when they have reached the size of a finger. This variety, too … like the green apple eggplant, is very prolific … as you can see from the numbers of flowers, buds and fruit on the plants.


My only hope is that the flowers, buds and the fruit which are in the process of forming will not suffer too badly when we are away on our holiday. 😦


And finally, these are called moneymaker eggplants … and the plants are not producing as well as the other two. Whereas this one here has only two eggplants … the plant in the second bucket has only two flowers! Quite pathetic, really … and certainly not a money-making variety the way I see it!

Its less than stellar performance vis-à-vis the other two varieties is not endearing this particular variety of eggplant to me … especially since this variety was sent to me by mistake! I had ordered another variety but this came through the post, instead. So I think that maybe next year, I shall not grow this variety again.


So maybe some of you might wonder what I did with some of these eggplants and peppers that I had harvested last week?

Unfortunately, cooking is really not my forte! So I used some of these fresh vegetables in the most basic and simple of cooking.


I decided to use both the eggplants and the peppers … plus some of the green beans that I had picked earlier … to make this vegetable curry for our dinner on Monday. I thought it was quite delicious … and I was glad that the hubby liked it, too. As there were leftovers, we had it again for our lunch yesterday! 🙂

However, sometimes, I think that the best way to enjoy fresh garden produce is to eat it raw .

Veggy wrap

So I made this vegetable wrap for our lunch on Monday. Except for the seaweed, the tortilla and the tomatoes (which the hubby had bought not realising that some of the tomatoes on our balcony had ripened), the rest of the vegetables (cucumber, young salad greens, malabar spinach and purple peppers) came from our little balcony garden. No sauce was added to this wrap to make it even healthier. But we both found it to be very delicious. Yum, yum … 😀

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4 thoughts on “Balcony garden in September … eggplants …

  1. Memang betul kata Kak Maz. Balcony I memang testing ground for growing lots of different things. Some successful, some not (at least not at first attempt nor second!) It has been an adventure so far, but very interesting and mostly satisfying adventure! Kalau Kak Maz tinggal dekat, memang dah boleh share-share sikit dah! 🙂
    Selamat memulakan berkebun to you! Dan semoga Amalina selamat pergi dan selamat pulang, serta berjaya mencapai cita2nya di menara gading kat Jordan, insyaallah!


  2. Amboi CT, sangat lah jeolous tengok terung terung. Balcony you macam testing ground pulak…The wrap sangatlah berselera, klu dekat mesti mintak satu. .Kak tengah pick semangat untuk start. Amalina left for Jordan last night.


  3. Alamak Ros, sebenarnya tak semua tanaman I menjadi. Ada jugak yang tak berapa menjadi atau langsung tak menjadi! Tapi tak yah lah I tunjukkan gambar diorang kan? 😉
    Kesian you, terpaksa harus terus berebut dengan monyet. Bersabar ya?
    Dah puas enjoy sorang-sorang kat Sg, ni kali temankan suami dan mentua bercuti kat Itali lah pulak. Mulanya cuma nak cuti pendek pergi ke Florence dengan teman si Paul yang ada flat kat situ. Tapi dah meleret sampai satu minggu pulak bila mentua I nak ikut! Risau juga pasal tanaman I kat balkoni tu.


  4. Salam Sity,

    Geram betul bila tengok semua tanaman you menjadi. Betul-betul berbaloi usaha you bertanam. Saya kat sini gigih bertanam tapi bila nak mengutip hasil terpaksa berebut dengan monyet…kadang-kadang tak dapat nak kutip apa-apa pun, bersih dikerjakannya… You nak pergi holiday lagi ya? Mesti seronok, pastikan you ‘bekalkan’ semua tumbuhan tu dengan air yang mencukupi.


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