Balcony garden in August … my very first sunflower …

The weekend might have been a little cloudy and wet … which is why we cancelled our intended excursion … but my one and only sunflower certainly provided a bright ray of sunshine to our balcony.


The plant is very tall … too tall to my liking as we have some very strong wind here. And true enough … while I was away in Singapore, the strong wind and rain had caused the plant to bend nearly ninety degrees. It was a miracle that the plant did not snap into two! I could have cried if that had been the case as the flower had only started blooming while I was in Singapore. Fortunately, the plant survived the storm even though it was hit pretty bad.

The hubby tried tying the plant to a stick nearby … but of course, since he is more of a ‘water guy’ he did not really do a good job of it. So the first thing I did when I got home was to make sure that I tied some sticks to the railing so that I could tie the plant to it so that it will not break or bend when blown by strong wind. So far as you can see, it is still standing straight …


…. and I am still enjoying the flower. 🙂 The flower was not as big as I had hoped it would be … but it was perfect, nevertheless.


This is just one of the four sunflower plants that I have growing on the balcony … but it is the tallest and has the thickest stem. Most probably because it only has to share its container with the jicama plants which are not doing well at all!


Whereas these three plants not only have to share the container with each other … but they are also sharing it with sweet potato plants!  So they are smaller, thinner …


… and are only now starting to form flower buds. Haizzz … so slow.


This one in the meantime … already have another flower bud waiting in the wing. Nice! 😀

If you noticed on two of the pictures above, I had to cut most of the lower leaves so that the tall sunflower plants would not block the sun on the plants below … and also so as to keep the plant tidy.


I really must thank Ros, a faithful reader of this blog for sending me these sunflower seeds.  I did not think that I would be very successful at growing them or that I would enjoy them much … but I do. The sunflower is very lovely and definitely adds a bright spot to our balcony and my balcony garden. Once again, thank you very much Ros for the seeds … and I just adore the flower! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Balcony garden in August … my very first sunflower …

  1. Salam Ros, memang tak disangka sebab I tanam benih tu main-main aje. Cuma pokoknya terlalu besar dan memerlukan pasu yang besar. I rasa sengkuang dan keledek yang berkongsi tempat dengan bunga sunflower ni mungkin tak akan menjadi sebab akarnya pokok sunflower pasti mengambil tempat yang lebih. Kita tengok aje nanti macam mana. Tapi tengok gaya pokok sengkuang dan keledek yang masih bantut, I rasa mungkin tak ada hasil yang akan dapat I kutip nanti! haizzz ..
    Boleh, nanti kita boleh share-share benih lagi.


  2. Salam Sity,

    Syukur alhamdulilah, berbunga juga pokok bunga matahari tu…. Seperti mana bunga tu mekar , begitu jugalah rasanya hati saya ini……nanti kita share lagi benih pokok-pokok ya.


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