I am back … !!

So did you miss me? 😀

For my own vanity, I shall presume that many of you did lah! hehehe …

Anyway … yes, I am back. Back from spending Hari Raya with my family in Singapore, (including a brief Hari Raya visit to my relatives in Malacca) … and back from my very looong silence from sharing on this blog. The longest silence on record … to date!

In case you had wondered … no, I was not sulking … nor was it intentional to keep away for so long so that I could break my previous record of not writing or sharing anything. 😉

It was just one of those things … a combination of several different factors … which had kept me away from writing. And before I knew it, a few weeks had already passed since I last shared anything …. urghh! And of course, the longer one stops writing the harder it gets to try and start again. And so the period of silence just became longer and longer!

Anyhow, now that things are more settled … no more fasting, no more Hari Raya celebration, and my balcony garden is slowly back on track after having spent the past two days tidying the plants and the balcony as well as salvaging those plants which had suffered while I was away … either due to overwatering or underwatering by my assistant gardener (or rather the ‘water guy’ as the hubby calls himself) … I believe that I should be able to find some time (and motivation) to start sharing again. At least I hope so!

But … not tonight lah. It is already late … and tomorrow, the ‘water guy’ and I have an excursion to go on. So this is just a quick hello to say that I am back … and that I hope to be sharing again (especially on my balcony garden) … and also to wish all my Muslim readers a belated Selamat Hari Raya!

Now, since no entry is complete without a picture to share … I thought that I would share this particular shot that was taken today.


These pretty little things came from my balcony garden this afternoon. They could easily pass off as a work of art … but are in fact, just ordinary slices of tomato … the first ripe tomato from my balcony garden this year.

What kind of tomato is it? That … I will share in a later entry lah! hehehe … 😀


2 thoughts on “I am back … !!

  1. Salam Kak Arina dan Selamat Hari Raya pada akak dan famili juga. Memang, tahun ni puas dapat makan lauk raya. Harap-harap tahun depan pun dapat balik beraya kat S’pore juga! 🙂


  2. Selamat Hari Raya Eid ul Fitri Siti….balik S’pore tu tentu puas makan rendang dan ketupat….
    @Kak Arina


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