Silent night, beautiful night …

After the noise during the day … due to some construction works on the fields below us … the evenings and nights are the only times when I can really enjoy some peace. And with mostly sunny weather during the day, the night sky is usually pretty clear and very beautiful to see.

And now that we are approaching the middle of the fasting month, it can only mean one thing. Errr … yes, that Hari Raya is not that far away, that is true of course. But to be more specific … that the full moon is just around the corner lah! šŸ™‚

And when that happens … the night-time scene from our place can be a sight to behold. So since I have not shared the night-time view from our flat for a long time now … I decided that I ought to take some photos of the beautiful, nearly full moon before the weather decided to turn and hide the moon from our view, … and before I totally missed taking photos of the moonlit night scene because I remember it too late!

And so last night and early this morning … I did exactly that.

SAM_6932 A

The view of the colourful night lights outside as seen through the balcony door from the living room. I tried taking several shots but just could not get a decent shot. This photo and the next two were taken just before going to bed near midnight.

SAM_6937 A

View of the moonlight as seen from the balcony door in the kitchen. I was hoping to catch the moon shining bright over Lake Geneva … but … since presently night-time does not start until well after 9.30pm … the moon was still not in a position where I could catch it shining well above Lake Geneva from our flat even at this late an hour.

SAM_6927 A

And the moonlight view from the balcony door in the living room. Our neighbours must be thinking that Christmas comes early on our balcony with the colourful LED lights that I had twined around our balcony railing! hehehe … šŸ˜€

I had been wanting to put more solar-powered lights on our balcony for some time Ā … and when I saw these LED lights selling at almost half the original price just before the start of Ramadan … I thought they could not be more perfect. The lights might not flicker like those normally put up during Ramadan back home … but … they are colourful, they are quite cheap … and they are solar-powered!

And with the sunny summer days that we have been experiencing and daylight that lasts until after 9.30 pm … these solar-powered lights continue to lit up until almost day break. Perfect!

Finally catching the nearly full moon shining bright over Lake Geneva sometime after 3.30am … after the early morning meal. I really love seeing the silvery sheen on the surface of Lake Geneva caused by the moon’s reflection.

SAM_6980 A

And the moonlight view as seen from our bedroom. On beautifully moon lit night like this, it must be even lovelier to be able to see the silvery sheen on Lake Geneva if one is lucky enough to be able to stay in one of those houses or flats on the shore of Lake Geneva. Those lucky people!

Nevertheless … I am still thankful for the good fortune that had enabled the hubby and I to enjoy this beautiful view for the past few years. After all, not everyone gets to enjoy such a view as we do! We are blessed indeed, alhamdullilah.


5 thoughts on “Silent night, beautiful night …

  1. Dear Paul,

    Thank you very much for your reply. It make me a bit calm. So many things comes to my mind and so worry when there is no news from Sity. Yes, you are right, i cant wait for her new entry, especially on the Hari Raya Celebration.

    Please send my thank to your mum, she is a very nice lady. I love to read every story about her garden and flowers. Sity and your mum always inspire me to ‘green the world’…

    ( I hope you can understand my broken english)

    Thanks, Ros.


  2. Hello Ros, I hope Sity will not mind my replying on her behalf. She is flying back home right now (from Singapore) and she will be able to keep you and other readers updated from tomorrow onwards: I am sure she will have much to share. PS my mum asked her to post something for you – I think she only managed to do so yesterday so you will have to wait for a few more days before you can find out what it is.
    Take care, Paul


  3. Salam Sity,

    Are you ok? Risau pulak bila lama sangat you menyepikan diri. Semoga you sentiasa sihat hendaknya dan kembali berblog dalam tempoh terdekat. Rindu…


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